Breakfast for dinner

I couldn't decide what to cook for dinner tonight, normally that leads to cooking some breakfast. Ryan had the brilliant idea of French Toast for dinner, I was all for it because it is soooooooooooooooo easy & soooooooooo yummy. Although, I did have to go to the store because I was all out of eggs and only had a few pieces of bread. The picture doesn't really do the meal justice because it just looks like a blob of brown bread. If you don't know how to make French Toast or want a new recipe/idea this is how I make it... 4 eggs 1 tbsp milk sprinkle some cinnamon(however much you like) then beat up the eggs real good, put it in a bowl that you can fit a piece of bread in to soak & put it in a pan until done. I learned to put some pam in the bottom of the pan it makes it easier to flip. I served it with Bacon & Orange Juice!

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