When the husbands away...

Last week when I was cleaning out Carson's room I got the crazy idea I'm going to paint it. He had coloring on the walls, dirty hand prints, you name it. It was gross! This weekend Ryan went out of town, so I thought it was the perfect time to paint he would be out of my way, and not here to tell me how he thought I should do it. 
Covering up the beautiful artwork he made when he was 2. I love it, but it had to go. 
These I took before painting and rearranging. 
This is after. I still need to hang a couple things back up, yarn art his letters, and get a valance for his window over his bed. (It used to have a panel curtain there.) It feels so refreshed in there. I still eventually want new bedding and wall decor, but for now this will do. 

While I was on a roll of painting rooms I thought I should look for the paint that matched the living room to do a little touching up. I found it up in the attic, but it didn't look too good.

Yuck!! I called my fil to ask him what I should do, and he told me to take the paint and they could probably match it. The next morning I headed up to Sherwin Williams and got a gallon of paint. When I brought it home it was too light. 
Eek! Not a match at all. I went back and they tinted it just a little darker. 
We had a match. As soon as I got home Ryan had called saying he was on his way home. I freaked and got busy painting. He is so weird about painting. He wants it done professionally, so I never told him I was doing the living room or kitchen. I thought it would be fun to do it, and not say anything to see how long it takes him to notice it. 
Like new. 
I started on my entry hall, but ran out of time. And, he hasn't noticed. Seriously! This stands out. Men.
Kitchen wall. I didn't get a before shot because I was painting like a crazy woman. It also had black hand prints, water stains, and peeling paint. Ryan needs to hurry and notice so I can finish what I started. I did a little painting while he was in the shower, and when he went to bed. Sneaky.
This is my next project. I'm hosting thanksgiving this year so I'm trying to spruce up the house. It's a little addicting I must say.


Ropin' reader & a little under weather

Friday Carson got two awards at school. He got ropin' reader & the Wylie way. We are so proud of him. He is doing great, and absolutely loves going. 
He wasn't feeling all that well today, but I had him go since he was getting an award. I thought he was just tired from halloween and had a little allergy flare up.
Lolly& pops got to come. 
After his ceremony I ended up taking him home with me. I got him a dr appt once they opened. To my surprise he tested positive for strep. He's never had it before, and since his tonsils were taken out I was pretty sure he wouldn't have it. I'm so glad I took him in.
We got him some meds and lots of rest. He's now feeling back to normal.

Trick or treat

Before we headed out to trick or treat we stopped by Oma & Joes for some pictures, candy & cookies. 
Oma recently just moved down the street from us. She was thrilled to see her great gkids on halloween. 
       Mickey Mouse 
Every year we go trick or treating in Ryan's parents neighborhood. 
We always take a halloween family pic before heading out for candy.
Ryan's grandma lives caddy corner to his parents, so nonnies one of our first stops. 
Cherrianna is one of Ryan's parents good friends. She also lives in their little circle. She is very generous to my kids with her candy. 
My mom lives down the street from Ryan's  parents, so she walks with us every year to trick or treat. Olivia wanted meme to hold her all night. 
Carson said he wasn't feeling that well and wanted to go back to Lolly's to pass out candy with pops.
Lolly made these costumes 27 years ago. Ryan and his sister, Katy wore these in 1986. 
She did have to remake Minnie's head. It got misplaced. 
These two were so cute, and left their costumes on so well. We had a fun night of trick or treating. I'm so glad our family is so close together, and we can do things like this.
A halloween throwback.