'A place where a kid can be a kid"

For Carson's birthday I wanted to take him to do something fun, I know I am giving him a fun birthday party. I just felt bad cleaning and preparing for the party all day on his birthday. What place better than Chuck E Cheese on your birthday? My mom, brother, Grandma, Jess, & cousin Connor met Ryan, Bryce, Carson, & I there for lunch. It wasn't supposed to be anything big, but my cousin isn't able to come to the party and he wanted to see Carson to give him his present so him & my grandma met us. Jess & Bryce wanted to tag along because deep down inside they are Chuck E Cheese fanatics. I honestly do like the pizza. I thought Carson would be interested in so many different things but of course being a St. John he only wanted to ride in the Chuck E car & not move from the steering wheel. We also went to a late dinner at Sicilianos A Taste Of Italy. I think Carson had a pretty good first birthday, and he has another full day of celebrating it tomorrow. Here are some pictures from today there will be a lot more later after tomorrow i'm sure.
After dinner
Mommy & Carson
Playing at Chuck E Cheese
Bryce & Ryan playing a firefighter game just like two little kids, it was very cute, i'm glad Ryan was able to be off work a couple days this week
Carson opening his book
Mommy & Carson riding in the big truck, it was actually kind of scary. It went side to side up and down, leaned down far on one side. I know I am only 114 pounds but I felt way too heavy for that ride.
Carson wanting the steering wheel
This would be Jess riding her favorite ride at Chuck E Cheese
The famous Chuck E Car, he rode it 18 times. It gives you a picture everytime you ride it, so I counted all of the pictures to know how many times to be exact.
There is a movie coming out soon that is based on this novel. I heard this a really awesome book to read and I want to see the movie so I thought I'd start a new little hobby after all this party stuff is done with. I'll keep you updated, I can't wait to read it!


A fresh look

This week we did a little bit of housework to get ready for Carson's birthday party on Saturday. Ryan cleaned out the garages, power washed the outside of the house with pops help & as you can see I got some beautiful landscaping done as well, also thanks to pops. We all know this would not have gotten done if it wasn't for him because Ryan doesn't care how the house looks as long as his yard is mowed. I on the other hand like to have everything nice and neat. I also got some new patio furniture. It's not really new, but new to me. My sister & her boyfriend are moving from their house into an apartment so they needed to get rid of some stuff that won't fit & it just happened to benefit me. The cushions are a little bit faded so I flipped them, but I didn't really mind it was free and after all it is Pottery Barn!



If you are my friend on Facebook, you know that I had a snake visit my washing machine the other night. I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED OF THEM. They are gross, look slimy, slither, ugly, mean looking, creepy... I could go on! I don't even like to call them by their names I normally refer to them as "Henry's" We live in the country somewhat our laundry room is outside and it's extremely hot so I don't blame it for wanting to get some water. I know they are everywhere out here but if I don't see them I'm perfectly fine. I wasn't so lucky the worst part is by the time I went inside and was able to tell Ryan what happened and he dried off and got dressed it was gone. I would have felt so much better if he would have said, "okay I killed it, it's gone." That wasn't the case, so I am scared to death to touch my laundry or even reach my hand in the washing machine or take the clothes out of the dryer. After a day I'm doing better I decided to use my broom stick to pick up the clothes and put them in the washer and switch the laundry maybe tomorrow I'll be a little bit more gutsy and stick my hand in there. It takes time.

This is a picture of Carson with the handy broomstick. He is mad in this picture because I had to go outside to get my camera.

Carson's first spray park experience
Walking around checking things out
On the way home All 3 kids worn out Carson, Aidan, & Adeline Carson eating a cookie
For the most part he had a good time, it was REALLY hot and he seemed to be more interested in the actual park at times although he didn't walk through the wood chips very easily.


Fridge Phonics

As you may or may not know Carson's 1st birthday is on Friday. I wanted to get him some fridge magnets because he loves going to the fridge and getting things out of it. I was telling my friend about it, & she told me she had one of these Leap Frog Fridge Phonics toy. It's small and has every letter of the alphabet and when you touch the letter in the box it says the letter, then makes the sound, and then sings the alphabet. It was very cute, her son learned the alphabet by playing with this toy before he went to preschool. I just had to get it for Carson, he loves to learn!!! Of course I couldn't just get him one toy, I got him a puzzle & some bath toys as well. I've noticed Wal Mart always has better prices for toys than Target does so I got more for my money.



If you don't already know, P90X is like the best at home DVD package you can do. There are 13 DVDs and it comes with a meal plan to follow (which I don't) but each DVD is for a different part of the body. I only have the Ab ripper x and the legs and thighs because Ryan's friend Bryce is in the process of burning the rest of the dvds for me. Tonight was my first night to do the work out, let me tell you OUCH! It is so hard, I watched the video before I tried it so I could see the routine first watching it makes it seem so easy. I wouldn't reccomend working out on a tile floor! Hopefully in a few weeks I can start seeing some improvement, I know a few people who have done it and have gotten pretty quick results!


Katy & I went shopping at Sam Moon today & I got this really cute hat. I wanted y'alls opinion on it because I am not a "hat" person, but wanted one because we're going out of town this weekend. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think??? By the way I am wearing a shirt in this picture, I know it doesn't look like it haha

Breakfast for dinner

I couldn't decide what to cook for dinner tonight, normally that leads to cooking some breakfast. Ryan had the brilliant idea of French Toast for dinner, I was all for it because it is soooooooooooooooo easy & soooooooooo yummy. Although, I did have to go to the store because I was all out of eggs and only had a few pieces of bread. The picture doesn't really do the meal justice because it just looks like a blob of brown bread. If you don't know how to make French Toast or want a new recipe/idea this is how I make it... 4 eggs 1 tbsp milk sprinkle some cinnamon(however much you like) then beat up the eggs real good, put it in a bowl that you can fit a piece of bread in to soak & put it in a pan until done. I learned to put some pam in the bottom of the pan it makes it easier to flip. I served it with Bacon & Orange Juice!


More pictures...

These are the rest she emailed me, there will be a couple more on the CD! Hope you enjoy!