Lesson learned

I no longer have a lap top and it's so frustrating, I like to be able to sit in any room and be on the computer at the same time. Until it is fixed I am stuck using Ryan's PC. I always left my computer on top of the kitchen table so it's kind of my fault, but I thought I could be a good mom and just teach my son not to climb onto the table. Obviously I failed. He got up there this past Saturday as I was vacuuming the house, I thought he was in his room playing with his swing because it was going back and forth. I was wrong, he turned his swing on so it was going on it's own. When I had peeked around the corner to see if he was on the chair I did not see anything so I thought well he's not in there maybe he is outside with Ryan. I stopped, turned the vacuum off, and walked into the living room and sure enough he was laughing and jumping as he took every key off of my computer. Not one of them would snap back on! I wish this was a chance for new lap top, but it's not there are a billion other things I want/need and bills that don't stop coming. This has not been a fun lesson to learn, so advice to his Lolly don't leave your laptop in reach of Carson, and for moms, and future moms don't leave yours lying around when you have a one year old! I'll post a picture of it later...


The State Fair Of Texas

As i've gotten older the less I really care about going to the fair. When I was younger I used to love to go to ride all the rides and eat cotton candy. Now I am just more interested in having a corn dog and walking around maybe try something new. Ryan doesn't really like to go we've only gone one time together of course he thinks it's a waste of money, which I don't argue on that because it is. Last year I took Carson and went with my mom and Parker. The only reason I really went last year is because I had a free ticket to get in, so I figured why not? I am more interested in taking Carson this year because of the animals. He can go to the dog show, and the pig races, and walk around the tent with all the different animals you can feed. I figure I should take him while he's young and isn't tall enough to go on the rides so it doesn't cost a fortune.


Out of order

I no longer have a working home telephone. Carson thought it would be fun to run it under the water in the bath tub. If you know Carson very well, you know he loves telephones. When he gets a hold of the home phone we normally just unplug it from the line so he doesn't call random people like he does on our cell phones. He knows how to unlock our cell phones somehow so that's not an option, and we don't take out the battery from the phone because then it won't light up and he loses interest. He's a very smart little boy. Our answering machine still works so I can still get messages which is good, I just don't know who is calling until they leave a message. I guess it's a good excuse to get a new phone. I'm glad it was our home phone and not my cell phone that is for sure!!


Limeades for Learning

I give up on this Limeades for Learning Sonic is doing. I've ordered like thirty drinks from Sonic, well maybe not thirty, but you know what I mean and i've gone to the website each time and the website never loads. I know it's not my computer because this is the only website that does this. So, if for any reason the website works for you and not me I have like 5 or 6 codes if anyone wants them.


This is kind of a weird post, but around 5 this morning I woke up to the smell of skunk. We do live somewhat in the country so we have all kind of animals that roam our backyard, I don't even want to think what's out there at night. This would be the third time since Ryan & I have been married, which we are upcoming 2 years, that a skunk has sprayed near our house. It's always by our deck right outside our bedroom, so needless to say my bedroom smells awful & i'm sure my clothes are going to smell like skunk. I turned on candles throughout my house to try and help it smell better, but i'm sure it's going to take a lot for the skunk smell to go away!!


Ryan's birthday dinner date

A week ago today was Ryan's 28th birthday. Since it fell on a Monday we decided to wait until the weekend to go to dinner, ( I knew we were going to have a gift card ) so I waited until it would be a free dinner date. Only makes sense. We went to Pappasitos, we love it. We have a couple of places we call our "date spots" they are the places we like to go eat without Carson, Pappasitos is one of them. Everytime we go they have a new special we like to try, this week was fajitas with colossal shrimp. So good!!!! If you've never been, you ought to go sometime!

Halloween is near...

Today I ordered Carson's Halloween costume. I couldn't decide what I wanted him to be there was just nothing I saw that said this is it. After looking at this "future golfer" costume for a few weeks I finally decided to order it. I can't wait to see how cute he looks!


Potty Training

Today Carson went pee pee in the "big boy" potty for the first time. I know he seems too young to start this, but he is so interested in the toilet so I figure why not? I'm not going hardcore on it or anything I just set him on it a few times a day to see if anything happens to get him comfortable with the idea. When he gets a little older and understand more I think it will be more successful!