Happy Thanksgiving

I want to start off saying how thankful I am for my family. I really couldn't ask for a better husband and healthy, energetic, loving son. I really don't know what I would do without them. I don't get a lot of time away from Carson, but when I do I am always wishing he was with me. I really am bored when he goes off to stay at his Lolly and Pops or his Meme's house. I have a thousand things to do, but it is just not the same when he isn't with me. I can't get enough of him, he's perfect! I had such a great Thanksgiving this year. The three of us slept until 11:30, I fed a Carson a small little breakfast, and then we got ready to go to Nonnies for some lunch. Carson was in such a good mood today, he is always happy today was just different. I just watched him play and laugh and enjoy life. It is so fun watching him grow, and learn new things. Today he started shaking his head and saying "no." I never thought i'd be so happy to hear him say no, but it was just funny how he shakes his head when he does it. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well. I posted a few pictures I took today.
My brother Parker & I
Carson was so ready to go home, he grabbed his bag and walked straight to the door
Carson before I parked in the garage
The creative hand turkey's
Ryan, Carson & I


How cute is this little suit for Carson? I was at Dillard's and wanted to compare prices on suits for the wedding he is going to be in whenever Jess finally decides on a date. This picture doesn't even do it justice, it was so adorable. I can't wait to see how handsome he is on her wedding day. I also couldn't believe it was on $30!!!

My exciting day of shopping

Saturday my mom and I went shopping all day long, I am trying to get my Christmas shopping over with. I have been doing it since July. We went to TJ Maxx in Allen yesterday, I have been there before, but only for certain things and never took the time to walk through it. I fell in love, I was looking for just plain long sleeve t shirts with a pocket on the outside for my step dad. They had a ton of them in almost every color for $9.99 I was so excited. I decided to look through clothes for Ryan, I found a pair of Seven jeans for $30 originally $70- $80 jeans. They had all kinds of polo shirts, which Ryan loves. I was probably in this store for at least an hour and a half. It was pretty busy so I got what I needed and left, I can't wait to go back. Later that night I was on my way to my brother, Parker, soccer game, I passed this store Belks. I have once again been there one or two times with my mom but never walked around. It's not really the cheapest store but they have really good sales. I found a ton of cute, stylish, jeans for $20! I was so excited. I know I am a dork who gets excited over clothes. I am just a big shopper and love finding new stores.


The Heard Museum

Monday I was kind of bored and wanted to take Carson to do something fun. I decided to go to The Heard Museum in McKinney. Carson decided to take a nap on the way there, I didn't worry about it too much because I knew he'd wake up when we got there. Well I couldn't be more wrong this time, I could not wake him up for anything, he was just worn out I guess. These dinosaurs were cool they growled or roared whatever sound they make and it was loud and he still didn't wake up. The museum had more than just dinosaurs, but all the other animals were hibernating except the bee hives they had and reptiles but I didn't go in there because i'm ridiculously scared of snakes and was not about to look at one. Towards the end of the trail Carson decided to wake up, I could have gone back through the trail so he could see them but I was way too worn out to walk it again with the stroller.
Here are some pictures of Carson asleep next to the dinosaurs...
This is the only picture he is awake for, but it's hard to tell
He looks like this dinosaur

The WORST day evvvver

Not my proudest moment that's for sure. I was in a hurry to pull into the garage and instead of just parking I tried to pull into my side. This is what happened... I couldn't be more made at myself, i've hit the garage before but not like this and not this hard. Luckily my husband wasn't too upset with me. He is just trying to fix the wall that I cracked.


Bye, Bye Gramps

My grandpa moved to Texas about six years ago once his wife died. He is originally from Florida, then moved to Puerto Rico with his cuban wife. After she died instead of moving back to Florida he came here. It was unexpected and I didn't think he'd live here for all that long. I guess he misses being in Florida, which I couldn't blame him, and decided to move back. I have 2 aunts that live there and one of them has 2 little girls. This way he won't be alone! I hope he has a safe drive back. Sure is a long ways, and he drives really really slow.
All of us minus Ryan, he had just gotten off work. I wasn't going to make him come take a picture, he hates pictures.
Me, Carson, & gramps... Carson wanted to get down really bad.

Carson's new boots

My sister in law, Brooke, had shown me these boots she bought my nephew Keegan. I had been wanting to get Carson a pair, but all of the ones I found were expensive. Kids feet grow way to quickly for me to spend $50 on shoes. She had gotten these at Wal Mart for $13 I just had to copy her and buy the same pair for Carson. They are adorable and he walks so well in them!

Halloween recap

Halloween was definitely a busy holiday for us this year. Friday was Boo on Ballard so Ryan, & I took Carson to downtown stood through a few lines to get some candy, then entered the Halloween Costume Contest. There were a few cute kids in there so I was trying not to get my hopes up, but deep down I was thinking Carson better win. I am really big on these contests because when I was younger my mom entered my sister & I in them and we always won. When my brother, Parker, came along she did the same for him. He also won first place. I felt the need to keep the tradition going. As they were getting to 2nd and 1st place I was getting nervous, his name hadn't been called and I knew he had to place because some of the kids that did place didn't have the cutest costumes. Carson's main competition was a little boy who had down syndrome he was Rowdy the Cowboys mascot. He was so cute, and so so sweet. He kept giving Carson hugs and kisses, just the cutest. Long story short Carson won and I was so excited and it definitely made the $5 worth it, and I think it made Ryan happier for me dragging him down there. Now onto Trick or Treating, Carson did so well. I wasn't sure how he was going to do, he wouldn't let go of his pumpkin bucket and walked up to each door and just knew what to do. I was so proud of him. I was so busy holding his hand and walking him to doors I forgot to get a few pictures of it. I have never been big on Halloween, but having a kid makes it a lot more fun. Hope all of my few readers had a great Halloween.
Our 2nd Halloween together
My little costume contest winner
Modeling his costume
On our way to go see Nonnie