Texas Rangers & teacher appreciation

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week for Carson's school. Every class was decorating their teacher's door for the week. Our class decided to do it a little differently. Instead of doing her door that would eventually get torn down, we thought a wreath was a better idea.
Mrs. S is a huge rangers fan so I thought it was only fitting to make her a rangers themed wreath. I think it also looks good with the blue door frame. It was meant to be. She absolutely loved it! Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this happen.
To go along with her new TX Rangers wreath I made her this cute little sign to hang outside her room. When they leave or get back to their class she can easily move the baseball magnet to another spot. I saw this on Etsy, and tweeked it a bit. I am happy with the way it came out. I was sick last week so I forgot to take pictures of her other gifts, but we got her a Taco Delite gift card, and a Nothing Bundt Cake. I also made a glazed Honey ham and took it up to the school for their luncheon. We have been so blessed with an amazing Kindergarten teacher for Carson, and an awesome elementary school. I'm going to be sad when he moves to first grade, but I know he will have an equally great teacher. Their staff is so amazing. Thank you so much Mrs. S. for everything you do!

Riding in style

Last fall GM had contacted my sil about driving one of their products for a week. They had asked her if there was anyone she knew that might be interested in it. She chose me, so I got to benefit from it as well. Thanks Katy!! I called and they told me what they had available and I though the Enclave would best fit our family. It was a 2014 model completely loaded. We chose to take it on our trip last weekend to keep the miles off of our cars.
One of my most favorite things about this car is it was such a smooth ride. I don't usually fall asleep riding in the car, but in this one I could have. Another thing was the Bluetooth. I don't know how I go through life not having a car with Bluetooth. It is so nice being hands free.
XM radio 'nuff said!
My kids definitely enjoyed having the DVD player. This isn't a must have in a car for me, I don't find it necessary for kids to need to watch T.V. in the car. However, on long road trips it's a nice feature. It was especially nice during carpool line at school. Olivia usually fusses the whole time we have to wait in line.
My husband isn't a big fan of captain chairs since it technically takes away a seat. I happen to love captain chairs especially with kids. I feel like they don't bother each other as much, and it's more convenient for them getting to the very back.
My son is on the tall side so the adjustable back seats are awesome. I scooted his chair back to give him more space. Also keeps his feet from resting on the back of the chair.
The overall look of the car is not my favorite, but the interior was very, very nice. This car was great for traveling. Some things I didn't like were,
-It didn't pick and go like I am used to
-There's not a whole lot of storage
-When my kids needed me to hand them something I wasn't able to reach them as easily.
-It also didn't have a large gas tank. I felt like I filled it up just as much as my suburban.
Other than that we enjoyed cruising around town in our Buick Enclave. It was so fun to try out something new. Now my kids refer to my suburban as the "boring car" Ha!


Mother's Day 2k14

We got a late check out at our hotel so we headed back down to the beach for some more people watching. 
I love this hairy, bearded, man! 
He's not a beach kind of guy but brought me anyway and made the best of his time. 
I got caught up on some celebrity gossip. Honestly I bought this magazine because Jase Robertson was on the cover. The story about their daughter and their marriage is so sweet. 
We said goodbye to the beach and headed home. I was ready to see my offspring. 
Something I love about road trips with my hubby is our jam sessions. He sang Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears (from her first album), Justin Timberlake songs to Marky Mark & the funky bunch songs with me. 
We stopped for lunch at Spring Creek BBQ. I ordered way too much food. Ryan always gets mad at me when I do this. I never can eat it all. Side note: a girl was giving out roses to all the moms as they left. I didn't get one I guess because I don't look like a mom without my kids attached to my hip. 
We finally made it home to our sweet babies. We went and had campisis with lolly & pops for dinner. C left my phone in the car so I didn't get any pictures. It was kind of nice not taking it in. I should do it more often. 
Carson made this for me at school. I'm the best mom because I take him for cookies n cream shakes at braums. It really is the little things that matter. I love my kids more than anything! I'm so glad I get to be their momma. 

Happy Mother's Day to my momma. Thank you for everything you do! Even though Olivia always says I'm the best, I think you're the best! 

Also happy Mother's Day to my mil. 
Without you I don't know what we would do. You are the best Mom, Lolly, and Mother in law we could ask for. Thanks for keeping our kids so we could enjoy a weekend away. We love you!!! 

For all of you other moms, moms to be, fur baby moms, etc... Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

Beach Bums & selfies

Saturday we were supposed to stay another day in Austin to float the river. Well, Ryan doesn't like the river & he knew if he offered me a trip to the beach I would say yes. I know his tricks. 
Galveston was just a little over two hours from Austin. We got a ocean view room at the Hilton. We had to pay an arm & and a leg for one night but it was so worth it. It was very relaxing, and my husband needed to relax. He works his butt off for us! 
Again, no kids=lots of selfies. Headed to beach!
Ryan read hot rod magazines, I people watched, and you guessed it, took selfies! :) 
I promise I'm not naked. I'm a bandeau type of swim suit girl! The weather was so nice. The water was cold, and there was a lot of seaweed. 
We went back upstairs to get ready for dinner. I looked up some places to eat online before we left. 
We ended up at Fish Tales across the street from pleasure pier. I guess I accidentally deleted my food pic. I got the stuffed shrimp. It was good but nothing to rave about. I hate when we spend money on over priced food! 
The rest of the evening we spent watching prison shows & forensic files. #bestsaturdaynightever


Friday Ryan & I packed up the car & headed South.  My sister from another mister was graduating from Texas State, so we went to celebrate. 
Here she is walking the stage. We didn't quite make it to the ceremony. I couldn't miss my bfast with C at his school. 
Here's Ashland with my mom. We are so proud of her!!! She graduated at the top of her class, with full honors. A GPA of 3.9. Go Ash! 
After graduation we met for lunch @ pappasitos. 
Since we didn't have our kids it was a weekend full of selfies. After lunch we watched a movie, then met the rest of our crew to watch the bats fly from under the congress street bridge. 
We saw no bats. My sisters are better than yours! 
After not seeing any bats we went to eat a slice of pizza somewhere on 6th street. This is my sister, & I after we made the news! They were filming a segment in downtown about parking restrictions, & they caught us walking. #celebrities 
We had a fun night hanging out in ATX! Thanks for inviting us, Ash-ee. (That's what liv calls Ashland)

Breakfast with momma

Friday was bfast with moms at Carson's school. 
We've decided the way to do it is bring your own bfast so you don't stand in the long line. It also gives me more eating time with my sweet boy. We got up extra early to go get donuts. 
It was also 50s day. I'm so glad he didn't fight me on rolling his jeans. I thought he looked so cute! I'm so thankful I get to stay home and enjoy these little things at his school!