Keegan is 5

Today we went to my nephew, Keegan, 5th birthday party.
The party was at Amazing Jakes in Plano.
 The kids loved playing the race car games. Hopefully one day Carson will drive a car better than the way he was playing.
I had fun watching Carson do the bumper cars. He is too handsome.
 He probably rode these 3 or 4 times.
While my dad watched Olivia, Carson and I rode the go karts. We got first place, and lapped some people. We totally owned it.
Olivia was too small to do a lot of the games, and rides. She still had fun just roaming around.
My dad, and brothers, Dustin, and Kain.
 My dad with 2 of his 4 g-kids.
 We finally got the kids to come downstairs to eat some pizza, and open gifts.
 This is how my kids feel about taking pictures with their mom.
Keegan we hope you had a great birthday party. We had fun celebrating with you.

Carson's 1st field trip

Friday Carson had his first field trip to the Owen's farm pumpkin patch.

Carson & his walking partner, Logan.
When we first got there we got on the hay ride. It takes you around the farm looking for the missing farmer.
Next we went to look at the chickens, and horses.
 The best part was probably feeding the goats.

After we fed the goats we did a little picture taking until it was time for lunch.
 We had to pack sack lunches for the kids to eat. They have a bunch of tables you can sit at to picnic. I packed my lunch, too. I brought a yummy chicken salad croissant.
After we ate we walked down to the maze, and each kid got to pick out a pumpkin to take home.

Carson was so excited to ride on the bus. All year he has been asking to ride on one.
I'm so glad I got to join Carson, and his class for this field trip. Thanks Lolly for keeping Olivia for me!


Boo on Ballard

Every year our town has Boo on Ballard. All the stores in downtown, and some other local companies give out candy. Our town has grown so much that it is just crazy now.
The First Baptist Chruch also puts on their trunk or treat on the same night. They have food and bounce houses in the Event center. This year Lolly, and Pops were handing out candy.
Olivia would not let go of her bag. She knew there was some goodies in there, she was not about to share.
This year Carson and Olivia were Vintage Mickey & Minnie Mouse. These costumes were Ryan & Katy's in the 80's. They were made with lots of love by Lolly. Minnie Mouse does have some ears, but in the last 27 years they got misplaced. I'm not sure how well Olivia would have worn them anyway.
Here's a fun comparison picture my MIL took.
We met up with some of our good friends. Their daughter, Megan, was the cutest little ghost in town
Melanie, Megan, Jimmy.
Hopefully the weather cooperates for the real trick or treating on Halloween.


Pumpkins, & duck dynasty

 Last Wednesday my sister, and I headed out to the Flower Mound pumpkin patch. It's my favorite one around that's cheap. You just pay $5 to park, you can bring your own food for a picnic, they have bounce houses, hayrides, tractors, and wooden cut outs of Disney characters you can take your picture with. On weekends they have food stands, but I don't suggest going on a weekend, it's pretty cray.
 Olivia just doesn't know what to do with a live baby doll. She loves her cousin, Cam. I told my sister I was going to frame this picture. She was excited she's making my photo wall in the house.

I looooooooove this picture of Olivia.

Autumn & Cam
Olivia with Snow White.
 This is a little orange house with pumpkins all around it. We always get our picture taken in front of it.
On a hay ride
I'm so glad my sister was able to extend her maternity leave. It was fun getting to go with her and Cam.
We missed not having Carson with us this year. Usually we stay all day, because he likes to do all the activities. It took about an hour with just the small kids. Olivia could care less about the bounce houses, and is too small for the hay maze.
Olivia in the jail house.
Every year I take the kids pictures with the ruler. It's fun to see how much they've grown in a year.
Picking out pumpkins.
And this year they added Duck Dynasty.
Thanks for going with us Autumn. We had fun with you & Cam.

Happy Birthday, Pops

Last Monday we went over to my in laws for my fil birthday. Do you know how hard it is to get three kids to look at you for a decent picture? Like, impossible! Thanks for having us over for dinner Lolly, & Happy Birthday, Pops! We love y'all!