Life Lately

Life lately has been a little hectic. Let me catch you up in no certain order. About a month ago my granddad suddenly passed away. He went to the doctor after not feeling well and after running some tests found out he had stage 4 cancer. It most likely started in his lungs then just spread everywhere. My sister, brother, and I flew out to Florida to meet my mom, aunt, and uncle who were already there with him. It was a very quick trip. My grandad didn't want a memorial, but we gave him one anyway. There were only a few arrangements, because he wanted people to make donations to food banks, hospice, and charities. 
Here we are heading to Florida. We made my brother sit in another row since he was driving us nuts. 
While we were there we bought a selfie stick and had way too much fun using it. 
We had a lot of family drive in from different parts of the state to be there with us. It's been awhile since we had seen some of our cousins. 
We had a lay over in Miami. I wish I could have stayed. I love Miami!!! 
On to some happy news... Daddy was out of town a couple weeks ago while he was gone we went to the local amphitheater for some face painting, playing at the park, crafts, kona ice, and finding Nemo on the big screen. We took CFA and got there a little to picnic and get a good spot for the movie. I love how every Friday they do this during the summer. 
When daddy's away mommy shops. The kids and I headed to canton to see what we could find. C got a wooden arrow for his room, liv got an outfit, and mommy got a yummy soup mix. 
One of Carson's friends turned 7, and had a fun soccer themed birthday party at the park. 
Liv had farm day at school. She makes such a cute cowgirl. 
The other day I left the kids at home with Ryan to go get my hair done. While I was gone he pulled the boat out to get it summer ready. The kids are so ready for summer! 
Swimming after school before the rain storm. 
Just like momma! 

Both kids successfully had field day at school. 
We can't get enough watermelon around here. Our favorite snack. 
Olivia finished prek-3 last week. 
And we recently took a trip to Arkansas. It will have its own post most of my pictures are still on my big camera. 

So that has been our crazy little life lately. If you read through this insanely long post, high five! :)


Wha'ts up Wednesday- May

I can't believe it's already the end of May, and it's time for another What's Up Wednesday. I'm once again linking up with, Mel, Shay, and Shaeffer.
1. What we're eating this week...
This week we're not eating anything too exciting. We just got back in town, and I haven't gone to the grocery store yet. We're having an off week this week.

2. What I'm reminiscing about...
I miss the sunshine. It has been way too rainy here in Dallas. I wouldn't mind to be back in the Bahamas either.
3. What I'm loving...
Summer clothes.

I love all of these outfits from one of my favorite boutiques.
4. What we've been up to...


We've been swimming in between rain storms, watermelon, celebrating last days of school, field day, and a trip to the lake in Arkansas.
5. What I'm dreading...
 MORE RAIN! It can stop any day!
6. What I'm working on...

I'm still working on some projects around the house. I want to copy the monogram board for my dining room, except just do a big scrolly S instead of the full monogram. And I just ordered a large circle monogram for Carson's room like the one in the bottom picture.
7. What I'm excited about...

This weekend I'm going to an annual luncheon one of my friends from HS throws. We had to miss last year since she was pregnant with her sweet baby girl. It's fun getting together and catching up without kiddos interrupting conversations.

8. What I'm watching/reading...
All of my shows are ending, but there's a few new ones starting in June I'm excited about.
( I can't remember the names, and I'm too lazy to look them up right now.)

9. What I'm listening to...

Same as last month I'm still hooked on some Josh Abbott Band.
10. What I'm wearing...

I got a gingham shirt recently. I love wearing it with my with jeans and wedges. I've also dressed it down with my lace shorts, and beige sandals. 

11. What I'm doing this weekend...
As of right now we're staying low key. Preparing for Carson's last week of school, and Sunday is the luncheon at Hollie's.

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...
Next month is super busy. It's Carson's last week of school, the kids have swim lessons, VBS, dance camp, I'm starting a new class at the gym, we have a trip planned, and the kids and I are going to Tyler to see my SIL new house.
13. What else is new...
These two have birthdays coming up. We're starting to plan their parties. I can't believe they will be 4 & 7.. Who said they could grow up so fast?

14. What's my favorite thing to grill next month?
I love grilling when it's warm outside. I have burgers, filet mignon steaks, and hot links on my list. I'm trying to talk Ryan into buying a smoker so we can smoke some meats. I'm also hoping to have a huge fish fry, and invite our friends over. We haven't had a big cook out in a couple of years.


Last Day of 3K.

I can't believe it is already the last day of PreK-3 for this sweet girl. This school year has just flown by.
 Olivia absolutely loves going to school to play with her friends and learn new things.
 Everyday she would come home talking about her friends, and show me what she made "her Carson." She rarely made mommy or daddy anything. She loves her big bubba.
 She can't take pictures without making a couple silly faces.
Here's our comparison picture. I can't believe how much you have grown in the last 8 months.