Summer Family pics

Last week we had our family pictures taken, and I am so in love with them. Amber did a great job getting what I had in mind.
My kids didn't make it easy though.
Olivia insisted on wearing her sunglasses, and crown.
I had to put iTunes on "Let It Go" just so she would think about cooperating.
We also had to play a game of Simon says so they would do what we asked.
In the end it was all worth it. I got some pictures I will forever cherish, and remember how they were at this age.
I'm so glad the bearded man let his beard down. It's not easy getting him to take it out of his "tail"
I can't wait to frame these.
Picture overload coming up
This kid seriously takes the BEST pictures.


 How is it he is already turning 6??
 And my baby is turning 3... I can't handle it!!

Thank you SO, SO, SO much Amber.
 If you're looking for a photographer Amber is your girl. You can find her here, or here


St. John summer 2k14

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably noticed my StJohnsummer2k14 hashtag. I'm using it to document all of our fun summer activities. 
So far we have a lot going on!
We started off our first day of summer with this yummy breakfast. Cinnamon rolls+waffle iron= yummy cinnamon roll waffles. These were to die. 
Afterwards we headed to the monthly Home Depot work shop. Carson's friend,Tyler, met us up there. Today's craft was riding lawn mowers. I love these free work shops makes for a fun, free, summer activity. 
After the work shop we went to the pool where I didn't take a single pic, then I surprised C by taking him to get a sno cone.
After naps we went to my moms for dinner and some more swimming. 
Cam sandwich.
Thanks for dinner mom. It was yummy!


Spring baseball

Baseball is finally over for the season. We'll still have some practice but until fall no more games.
It's so nice to be able to sleep in on Saturdays, and not be rushing to the ball fields. 
We made it to the play offs, but lost the second game putting us out.
Carson improved so much this season. He still has a long way to go but he'll get there. We had a great season. 
While big brother is playing ball Olivia is playing beauty shop. 
These girls have so much fun playing together. 
Is she a diva or what?

Pearson's golf par-tee

Friday morning we headed to Pearson's 3rd birthday party.
 Pearson had the cutest golf themed party.
 It was all outside. The kids played with his outside toys, and Katy bought each family a plastic golf set to play with and take home as their favor.
Carson, for whatever reason, liked organizing them in the wagon and pulling them around. 
He also liked hanging out in the hammock. My handsome almost 6 year old!
Olivia did some serious lawn mowing. I'm sure Matt was wishing she was really mowing the grass for him.
Katy cut some uncrustable sandwiches in half with fruit & cheese balls for the kids to eat.
Since it was messy I made my kids strip to eat. They weren't appropriately dressed for an outdoor party.
They also strip when there's bright green icing involved. 
Olivia got to love on her baby some before he went down for a nap.
Thanks for inviting us Pearson. We had a good time celebrating with you. We love you so much!


Texas Rangers & teacher appreciation

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week for Carson's school. Every class was decorating their teacher's door for the week. Our class decided to do it a little differently. Instead of doing her door that would eventually get torn down, we thought a wreath was a better idea.
Mrs. S is a huge rangers fan so I thought it was only fitting to make her a rangers themed wreath. I think it also looks good with the blue door frame. It was meant to be. She absolutely loved it! Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this happen.
To go along with her new TX Rangers wreath I made her this cute little sign to hang outside her room. When they leave or get back to their class she can easily move the baseball magnet to another spot. I saw this on Etsy, and tweeked it a bit. I am happy with the way it came out. I was sick last week so I forgot to take pictures of her other gifts, but we got her a Taco Delite gift card, and a Nothing Bundt Cake. I also made a glazed Honey ham and took it up to the school for their luncheon. We have been so blessed with an amazing Kindergarten teacher for Carson, and an awesome elementary school. I'm going to be sad when he moves to first grade, but I know he will have an equally great teacher. Their staff is so amazing. Thank you so much Mrs. S. for everything you do!