Boys will be boys

This is Carson's shirt after maybe about 30 minutes of being at the park. I was watching my friends little girl as well as Carson and Carson decided to take off to the stream of water. He fell in right as I got to him. Note this water is not deep I can't even consider it a creek, it's just about inch deep. It's nasty creek water though so it was all green and mossy and gross. Needless to say his yellow shirt was ruined. I really was hoping it wasn't I had just bought it for our pictures we just took. Luckily it only cost $7. I can't stress too much.

Happy Easter

Carson's Easter bucket. I wanted to get him a cozy coupe car, but as the weather got warmer and I was putting him in shorts I realized he didn't have any clothes that fit. Only a couple of short sleeve shirts and maybe 2 pairs of shorts. Instead of using the money on the car I went and bought him clothes he needed that led to his basket not being full of many goodies. He is still too young to really understand all this Easter egg hunt and basket stuff anyway.