Friday fun

Today we started off with McDonald's for breakfast. We never eat out for breakfast except Tuesdays for free chick fil a, so this was a real treat. 
After breakfast we headed to a small little aquatic center in Carrollton. 

My friend Heather is in town for a couple months so we met up to catch up and let the kids play. 
Adeline and Carson are about 4 months apart. Carson had fun pulling her around in the lazy river. 
Olivia had the most fun playing with the fountains.
It's so hard getting both kids to look at the same time. After we left we headed home for naps before our evening plans. That night Lauren and Charlie invited us to go out on their boat.
We had dinner at the marina then let the kids swim for a minute.
Once it got dark the fireworks started. 
I thought this picture was neat. It looks like an owl.
After the show was over we just hung out on the boat. It was a mad house at the ramp with everyone putting their boats up. We finally got home about 1230. We always have fun with Lauren and Charlie. Thanks for inviting us out!

Pool play date

Thursday we had plans to meet up with a friend for a pool play date. 
Tyler and Carson are only a couple months apart. They have a lot of fun playing together. Tyler also has a little sister. She is just a couple weeks shy of a year younger than Olivia. 
Olivia loves playing with her tea cups at the pool. My kids are such water babies.
After we left my friend sent me a text asking if I wanted her baby. 
I love the way she asked. It cracked me up. 
I could hear Olivia giving her kisses the whole way home.
              Is she not the cutest?
In order to get anything done around the house or keep my kids off of her I had to "wear" her. 
Harper did not mind one bit. She loved spending the afternoon with us, and we loved having her. 


Hfalls with meme

Wednesday we met my mom, brother, uncle, and cousin at Hawaiian falls. We have season passes so we go about 2-3 times a week. 

The older I get the more chicken I become of riding rides. My brother talked me into riding two "scary" rides. 
This one is the torpedo. You get in a capsule, then the floor drops out, and you fall to the bottom. It really wasn't all that scary, but gives you a major wedgie. 
I also rode this one, I can't remember what they call it. The picture doesn't do it justice of how scary it looks. It's really high and drops straight to the bottom. It wasn't all that scary, but I probably won't ride it again. 
I usually pack us lunch to take but with our passes you get pretty good coupons.  Today I was lazy and decided to just eat there. I thought this picture of Olivia was funny. She just likes eating the toppings off the pizza. 
I think she really enjoyed it. Ha!! 
We had a great time. We can't wait to go again!


Headed home

It's kind of a tradition for us to take a family picture on the balcony the day we leave. 
My camera wasn't on the right setting for the type of lighting so it didn't turn out all that great. I never checked it until we got home. Bummer. At least we got one.
We had a great time with our family and friends this weekend. Until next time Arkansas!!

Saturday night

Since this was our last night here we went back out before dinner. 
Nicolle just loved being around Olivia. I enjoyed the little break it gave me.
                     Ryan, and I.
Charlie had this idea of getting all the guys up on different skis behind one boat. And they made it happen. Drew was on the wake skate, cook was on two skis, Charlie slalom, Jimmy on the knee board, and Ryan on the wake board. I have to say it was pretty fun and they did great. Only took about two tries. While they were playing around we hung out on our boat and let the kids swim some more. 
On our way back in Ryan and I wake boarded one last time.
We went back in, showered, and started getting dinner together. We made chicken and beef fajitas with homemade hot sauce, pico de gallo, guacamole, peppers, and chips. Another fantastic meal without pics. I was in our room straightening up and pre packing when Ryan came to me to take a picture of Drew and the kids.
Is this not the sweetest picture ever?

Saturday day 3

Saturday morning I got up and made sausage balls, and pigs in a blanket for breakfast. I did a horrible job at taking pictures of all our food. We ate good for every meal. After breakfast we went out for some more swimming.
Carson said he was doing canyon balls. I love the things he comes up with.
I think he's the best looking boat captain.
Miss priss. She wasn't much of a swimmer. She rather be playing in the boat or splashing on the swim deck. She liked pouring her water can on my legs while I tried to get some sun. I didn't mind. 
       Both kids fell asleep on the boat. 
Before we went in for lunch Ryan's friends unhooked flem from the boats while he was sleeping. It took him a bit to figure it out. Don't worry, we didn't leave him. For lunch this day I made pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, and chips for lunch. 

Last Friday night

Friday was our first full day. Most people slept in, so we got a little bit of a late start. Lauren and I made breakfast casserole for breakfast. She made more of a Mexican version of mine. Hers was so good!!! I forgot to take a picture. After everyone got up and around we went out to swim. 
             Miss piggy got hungry.
              A view of the marina.
We came back and the kids had some ice pops as a snack. (I had one, too) 😀
Then that night Jimmy fried us up some crappie, homemade french fries, and hush puppies. It was delicious!! Everyone went to bed pretty early this night. The sun wore us out.

First night swim

I went a little out of order and forgot to post our first night on the boat. Since it was just us and Charlie's family we all went out in our boat. 
            Olivia was saying, "go!"
                  My handsome boy.
    Olivia was being a little grumpy at first, so daddy let her drive the boat. The water was so calm this night. We swam a little then Ryan, and I wake boarded. 
The cutest St. John cousins minus Olivia.

Night of arrival

The boys were just so sweet when they first walked in. "They both said,!!!" They were so excited. After checking everything out they played some cars and dirt bikes.
These two are so much alike. I hope they can grow up to be best cousin/friends like their daddy's are. Once Lauren and I got everything unpacked and put up we made the kids dinner.
They had fish sticks, Mac n cheese, and fruit. Olivia was being stubborn and didn't want to take a picture. My little drama queen. After dinner we got the kids in their pjs and let them watch some Disney jr. as they winded down.
Once they were in bed we cooked our meal and waited around until the rest of our group showed up. 
 This was the best picture I got of Ryan and Charlie. They never act serious.
We made hot n spicy brats, hot links, potato salad, chips. I had never had the hot n spicy brats before. They were ahhhhmazing!!! 
My mouth is watering posting these pictures! After we ate Lauren and I sat in the hot tub for awhile. I didn't take any pics I didn't want to chance my camera getting ruined.