Friday fun

Today we started off with McDonald's for breakfast. We never eat out for breakfast except Tuesdays for free chick fil a, so this was a real treat. 
After breakfast we headed to a small little aquatic center in Carrollton. 

My friend Heather is in town for a couple months so we met up to catch up and let the kids play. 
Adeline and Carson are about 4 months apart. Carson had fun pulling her around in the lazy river. 
Olivia had the most fun playing with the fountains.
It's so hard getting both kids to look at the same time. After we left we headed home for naps before our evening plans. That night Lauren and Charlie invited us to go out on their boat.
We had dinner at the marina then let the kids swim for a minute.
Once it got dark the fireworks started. 
I thought this picture was neat. It looks like an owl.
After the show was over we just hung out on the boat. It was a mad house at the ramp with everyone putting their boats up. We finally got home about 1230. We always have fun with Lauren and Charlie. Thanks for inviting us out!


  1. How was the water park? It looks alot like Hawaiin Falls!!

  2. It was okay. It's more like a wet zone. P would probably really enjoy it. We probably won't go again since we have hfalls passes.