Photo shoot fail

Today the kids and I went to downtown Wylie to attempt at getting some cute pictures in their red, white, and blue. We did get a couple, but not as many good ones as I had hoped. When one kid is cooperating the other is not. That's life, I guess.
I just love a good crying picture. Olivia gives them to me often. 
Olivia looks like she's making a little modeling face. 

She's strong willed, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
He's so handsome. I just love this little boy so much. Lolly had made my nephew, Pearson this shirt. I had to copy it and get one for c. So cute!
After torturing them with pictures we played at the park for a few minutes. I love how happy he looks in this picture.
I can't believe in just a few weeks Carson will be 5 and Olivia will be 2. Where does the time go?

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