No longer a baby

Look at my baby boy, I mean toddler. I think he looks so cute in jeans but they make him look so much older, especially with his new hair cut. This is probably one of my favorite pictures i've taken of him recently. It's a little blurry but I don't think it's too bad considering I took it on my phone.


Back in the day...

I went to my moms house earlier, and she had found this picture of me when I was younger. It's crazy how much Carson looks like me here. I am a year and a half here so just a little older than what Carson is now. My mom was actually pregnant with my sister.


Naked guitar playing

Sunday when we got back we had a birthday party to go to. I was trying to change Carson, which is a complete chore. He saw this guitar and had to go darting for it whether he had clothes on or not. I thought the pictures were adorable, who doesn't love a butt crack shot?

Wedding Bliss

Last weekend Ryan & I went to a wedding in New Waverly, near Houston. Ryan's best friend Barrett ( Beaver ) got married and Ry was in the wedding so we had a nice quick trip. Thankfully Lolly & Pop were going so Carson was able to stay the night with them on Friday, and able to bring him on Saturday in time for the wedding. Friday night was kind of a night to me and Ryan minus going to the Rehearsal dinner.
Right before he fell asleep, he didn't even make it to the end of the drive way
Ryan & Carson
This was the only picture of us 3 where Carson was looking at the camera
Ryan & I at the Reception
Ryan was a groomsmen
Carson making funny faces at the wedding, he was hot
Ryan & I at Beav's Rehearsal Dinner in The Woodlands


Carson's first haircut

Monday I had a hair appt to get my hair rehighlighted so I took Carson along to get his haircut. He did good for the most part, by the time we got to him he was a little sleepy. I didn't want to cut too much off just a little trim. It's amazing how a little trim can make him look so much older.

Reality TV

Lately I have been a reality tv junkie. If I named all of the shows I am keeping up with right now you'd be wondering when I get anything done, so I won't. I will talk about the new show I am keeping up with, it's Guiliana and Bill on the Style Network. I must say it's pretty funny, I don't know if I find it funny because she reminds me of me I just know I laugh out loud during it. If you don't know Guiliana is the girl who is an anchor on E! News with Ryan Seacrest, and Bill was the guy who won Donald Trumps Apprentice on the first season. If you're interested you can check it out on Thursday nights at 9 on Style.

Breast feeding baby doll

This morning I was watching the Today Show, which is rare, but Kathie Lee & Hoda were talking about this baby doll manufactured in Spain. The baby doll owner wears a vest that has flowers where her breasts would be, if she had any and you hold the baby to you as if you were breast feeding. I thought this was crazy and what mom would really let her daughter own a baby doll that does this? When I saw this I thought it was crazy, I couldn't find a picture of it because I don't think it's sold in America yet but you can go to the and they have an article and video on it.