This is Carson on the boat. I am not sure he knows what to think of it yet. When the boat stops he gets a little antsy. He looks way cute in his life jacket though! : )


This is Carson after a loooong day of hanging out with daddy, Pops, & Uncle Drew. They went on a search for Life Jackets it was a successful trip!! I was hoping when they got home Carson would be awake and give me a big giant hug because he missed his mommy so much, but instead he was passed out!! I'm glad Ryan offered to take him Carson was being such a daddys boy and I don't think he would have been happy staying at home with mom!!


Boys will be boys

Apparently Carson thinks this is okay to do when he is done with his food or if he doesn't want it!!


This is my nephew Keegan, I just wanted to show him off. He's so cute and has the squishiest cheeks ever I just want to pinch them all day long!!!


The other day I had Ryan buy me a swiffer wet jet to use in between moppings. We have all tile throughtout our house and living with two boys I have to mop constantly... at least 2 times a week if not more! Today was the first time I got around to using it, I loved it. Carson throws all of the food that is left on his high chair on the floor when he's done so it's definately good for cleaning up after him! I know these have been out for awhile but i'm just now entering the whole "swiffer" world. The only downside about these is that it does take batteries and it cost aroud 26 dollars!

Carson's 1st Torc Series event

As you know Ryan is very into cars, & sports that involve cars other than Nascar. The Torc Series truck races came to town, and they don't come to town often. I wanted to go so Carson could experience this with Ryan and see how he did, believe it or not he did awesome and loved it. He's just like his dad and I can tell he's going to be very hands on!! These trucks were VERY loud so we bought some ear muffs hoping he would wear them to protect his ears. He would wear them for about 5 minutes and then he was done and they were off! I'm so glad Carson enjoyed it that means more family nights at the drag strip soon!! : )



What kid does not love Cheerios? I even love Cheerios to this day they are such a easy and great snack for kids. Although they are small and get everywhere when I take his diaper off they're in there and on the floor in his clothes just everywhere! I went to change his diaper after eating some Cheerios and thought this was hilarious...

I was trying to figure out what the bumps were, and when I took his shirt off out came more Cheerios!

Oh Ravioli

This is what happens when you let a 9 1/2 month old feed themselves ravioli! I needed to feed him and get ready at the same time, so I let him feed himself. I knew this would be a mess, but he needed a bath anyway so I figured why not? He's just so precious no matter how big of a mess he makes! I love it!

Splish ~ Splash

Thursday I met a friend at the pool in Woodbridge to let the kids play. Carson LOOOOOOVES the water i'm glad he's such an outdoors boy because I love being outside and out of the house doing things!!! Carson after his long day of swimming
This is what he looked like after putting sunscreen in his hair, he has some curly hair
Carson & Aidan
I love this picture, everytime the water would hit Carson in the face he would start laughing sooooo hard! I love baby laugh. Next time I need to take my video camera


My 1st Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day, although I am not feeling well due to my sinuses/allergies it was a really good day. I actually got to sleep until around 10 it sounds late but the overall night I had about 4-6 hours of sleep. Ryan got up and went and bought some donuts I wasn't too hungry and we were going to lunch so I only ate a few little donut holes and gave the rest to Carson, then I opened my gifts from Ryan and Carson. We have pretty much all tile in our house and with Carson we wanted some more rugs for the hallways so that's what he got me, it was a really good idea because I couldn't think of anything that I wanted and that was something we truly needed! After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing before it was time to go to my moms and have hamburgers for dinner. I hope all of you other moms had a great Mother's Day!

Carson had a VERY busy day : )

Mom of the year

My friend Jess is always telling me how I need the "Mom of the year award"! She is always saying "I don't know how you do it" well when she has a baby of her own she will understand that you just have to learn how to multi task and become just a little less selfish. For Mother's Day she wrote me a poem that I thought was very sweet and touching and thought i'd share it with you. She put a picture of baby feet on it and made it look like a little award. It says, In recognition of: The way you make us laugh on our daily drives, The way you always make C (Carson) happy when he cries. You always remember the diaper bag and extra clothes. Oh & those rags to wipe C's nose. You always bring crunk cds to jam to, & colorful books and toys to give C something to do. You're the best mom that I have ever met, You can juggle a million different things without even using a net! So Carson and I just wanted to say... Have a very happy Mother's Day!


Someone should be sleeping

I put Carson down for his afternoon nap then proceeded on to cleaning the house well as i'm sweeping the floors I hear this cute little voice talking and laughing and little feet noises from jumping on his bed. I snuck around the corner so he couldn't see me so I could check to see what he was doing and he was just playing. I thought it was so cute I was able to stick my hand through the crack to snap some pictures, he caught me on time it was so hard not to start cracking up. His personality is just so funny I have a feeling he's going to make me laugh a lot when he starts talking. I can't believe he's going to my 10 months old on the 17th it goes by way too fast!


A few weeks ago I thought of a way to organize Carson's toys that he likes to play with in the living room, I went to Target and bought some little boxes to keep under the TV. Carson is so funny he knows exactly where they go and when he's ready to play he crawls to the cabinet and opens the door and pulls out each toy then crawls away. I think he thinks it's funny to watch mommy pick up his toys after him.

Mommy's little Helper

The other night I was putting up some laundry and Carson decided he wanted to help me (more like throw allllll the clothes on the floor) ... I thought it would be cute to dress him up in one of his daddy's shirts!


American Idol

I don't ever watch the show but, I can not stand this lady she really gets on my nerves. What brings this up is the news was doing coverage on whether she is going to be on the show for another season or not. I just think she is fake and I hate her facial expressions when she's telling the contestants her thoughts on their performance! I know this sounds kind of mean but if I was to tell Ryan what I thought he'd be like whatever... I had to let it out somewhere! : )


No more migraine

This stuff if the best I absolutely love it! The last 5 days i've had a migraine that wouldn't go away I was taking my prescription medicine and it wasn't doing anything I finally went and bought some Excedrin and in thirty minutes my headache was completely gone! If you haven't tried it you need too, i'm off to clean my house now that I have my energy back. My son sure can destroy it in just a days time!