My 1st Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day, although I am not feeling well due to my sinuses/allergies it was a really good day. I actually got to sleep until around 10 it sounds late but the overall night I had about 4-6 hours of sleep. Ryan got up and went and bought some donuts I wasn't too hungry and we were going to lunch so I only ate a few little donut holes and gave the rest to Carson, then I opened my gifts from Ryan and Carson. We have pretty much all tile in our house and with Carson we wanted some more rugs for the hallways so that's what he got me, it was a really good idea because I couldn't think of anything that I wanted and that was something we truly needed! After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing before it was time to go to my moms and have hamburgers for dinner. I hope all of you other moms had a great Mother's Day!

Carson had a VERY busy day : )

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