Mom of the year

My friend Jess is always telling me how I need the "Mom of the year award"! She is always saying "I don't know how you do it" well when she has a baby of her own she will understand that you just have to learn how to multi task and become just a little less selfish. For Mother's Day she wrote me a poem that I thought was very sweet and touching and thought i'd share it with you. She put a picture of baby feet on it and made it look like a little award. It says, In recognition of: The way you make us laugh on our daily drives, The way you always make C (Carson) happy when he cries. You always remember the diaper bag and extra clothes. Oh & those rags to wipe C's nose. You always bring crunk cds to jam to, & colorful books and toys to give C something to do. You're the best mom that I have ever met, You can juggle a million different things without even using a net! So Carson and I just wanted to say... Have a very happy Mother's Day!

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