What's up Wednesday

Today I'm linking up for a What's Up Wednesday post.
Here's our Wednesday.
What We're Eating this week...
Monday- crab cakes, and twice baked potatoes
Tuesday is my boot camp night so I keep it simple, sausage gravy, biscuits, and eggs
Wednesday- Ribs, potato salad, and baked beans
Thursday- this is another boot camp night., Fancy sandwiches, chips, and fruit
Friday- My husband is out of town this weekend so the kids and I are on our own. We'll probably have CFA.
What I'm reminiscing about...
Summer days. We can't wait to be spending our days at the pool, and the lake.
What I'm loving...
I'm loving the longer days. We get home from school Carson does his homework, then him and Olivia go outside and play with our neighbor kids until dinner time. It's kind of hard to believe my kids are old enough to go outside and play with all the kids on our street.
What We've Been up to...
I have been redecorating some of the house. Right now I'm focusing on Carson's room. I'm so excited to have it done.
I just recently bought all this stuff to put up. I can't wait to make a trip out to Canton Saturday to see what we find.
What I'm Dreading...
I'm dreading more rain. I am so thankful for all of the rain we have gotten, but I want a break. I want to be able to have clean floors, with no mud smears. A clean car longer than a day. I need to see the sun!
What I'm Working On...
It's teacher appreciation week next week, so I'm working on Carson's teachers door. I just have a few things left to do on it. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
What I'm Excited about...
I'm excited for the end of school. I love not being on a strict schedule during the week. Making sure Carson has been fed, showered, and in bed by 730 can be hard everyday when you have stuff going on.
What I'm Watching...
I am total reality TV junkie. I have Teen Mom OG on my DVR I need to catch up on. I also am watching Bates Motel. That show creeps me out, but I watch it anyway. It always leaves you wanting to watch more.
What I'm Reading...
I wish I could say I was reading some exciting book, but I'm not. I will start a book and never finish it. I much rather read magazines, or blogs.
What I'm Listening to...
I am currently obsessed with Josh Abbott Band on Pandora. I loooooove them!
What I'm Wearing...
You can find me in my white jeans probably three times a week. I love these jeans. Their a little big so they make me feel skinny, and there's just so many different combinations you can do with white jeans. The other days you can find me in my work out clothes.
What I'm doing this weekend...
Friday night the kids and I will probably grab an early dinner at CFA after I decorate Carson's teachers door. Saturday I plan on getting up early and heading to Canton for some shopping. I'm hoping it will be fun, but I have to take both kids so it could be a bust. Sunday Carson has a birthday party to go to.
What I'm looking forward to next month...
We have a couple birthday parties to go to, I'm running another 5K, and I have an annual luncheon to go to with my HS friends. I also don't really want next month to come, because my SIL is moving two hours away from us. We are going to miss having them down the street.
What else is new....
I recently signed Olivia up for preschool at a new school. I'm excited for her to start bringing home cute crafts, and to make more new friends. I'm also joining a spin class at the gym. I am pretty sure my body will hate me.
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Weekend recap

Another weekend has come and gone. I wish the week would go as fast as the weekend does. Friday night was stormy. Ryan wanted to go eat, so we braved the down pour. Good thing he was driving I couldn't see anything. After we left the restaurant I realized I forgot my phone on the table. I was freaking out that someone probably stole it. Luckily it was under napkins, and was still there. After my almost heart attack, and dinner I watched the Bruce Jenner interview. 
I've always liked him. He seemed the most normal out of all the Kardashians. This whole transgender thing though is kind of mind blowing. The beginning of the interview was kind of strange he was talking in a more feminine manor, then back to Bruce. I prefer him as Bruce, but oh well. Good luck to him, or her. 
Friday nights are sleep over nights in our room. The kids wanted to sleepin Carson's tent. I told them they would be squished, but they didn't care.
They wait all week for Friday night sleepovers. 
Saturday Ryan said he was going to check the mail at the office. I told him I wanted to go and him drive me by the lake. He wasn't too excited about it, but this momma always gets her way! 
The lake was so busy, and the kids really wanted to get out and play. 
We've been experimenting what life would be with three kids. Haha. Not really I just love bringing my neighbor places because she's so sweet with the kids. It's kind of funny to me she will come ring my door bell and ask Olivia to play. 
That night we headed out to Texas Motor Speedway to watch the Torc Series races. 
The last time we went Carson was only 10 months old. It doesn't come every year. These trucks are fun to watch. 
This truck had his whole hood hanging by a thread during the race. He didn't let it stop him. 
Sunday I cleaned house while the kids played outside then my sister and nephew came out so I could get their pictures in the Bluebonnets. 
The bluebonnets aren't as pretty as they were, but that's what she gets for waiting so long. 😜
Olivia was all over baby Cam he was not having it. 
Last time we took pics I didn't think about putting her in her cowboy boots until we got home. White dress, pig tails, cowboy boots, bluebonnets just scream Texas! 
It is a little difficult to get three kids to all look at the camera. I'm pretty sure Cam was scared of me during this pic sesh. I was making all kinds of silly faces, loud weird noises, whatever I could to make them look or smile. Sometimes you just gotta be crazy. 
And we ended our weekend with some yummy banana cream cheesecake pie the hubs requested. Hope y'all had a great weekend! 


Life lately!

Our week started off with morning kickboxing, then some shopping at ikea. 
I'm redecorating Carson's room right now, so we went out to ikea for a couple things. While we were out there we also checked out Nebraska Furniture Mart. That place is gigantic, even gigantic might be an understatement. I was searching for a bed for Carson while looking it dawned on me we have a really night wrought iron bed in our attic. The bed search was over and it was on to mattress shopping. I got lucky, and my sisters mil has a nice one in the size I need she was willing to sell me! Score. 
After shopping mini me & I picked up our handsome boy and headed to wal mart for groceries. I just love these two.
Ryan bought me these pretty tulips at wal mart. Ok, maybe I bought them, but it was his $ so technically he did, right? :)
Olivia's school pictures came in. These are so cute. School pictures are so expensive, and I don't display them in my house so I just keep the proofs. These were hard not to buy.
Olivia's hair has gotten so long. If it's not up somehow it looks dirty, and tangled. I think she looks adorable in pig tails. I think she likes them too. She was having fun during her iPhone photo shoot. 
Wednesday we went to open gym at golden grips. We absolutely love golden grips. 
This girl could swing all day. She told me she was Spider-Man? 
That's been our life lately. If you follow me on IG you've probably already seen these. Since it's Thursday I thought I would throw in a few tbt pics. I had a few cute ones pop up on my timehop. 
Watermelon photo shoot in the backyard. 
He had bronchitis and you would have never known. 
She had the cutest rat tail. How could this have been comfortable? I moved her after I took a picture. 
My SIL took this picture of C in the bluebonnets before I had a good camera. I still have it hanging in the house. So cute. That's our life lately with some throwbacks. Happy Thursday. 


Weekend recap

This weekend was low key & perfect. Friday after school the kids came home and played with the neighborhood kids like most days. I love having a 10 year old neighbor. She loooooves playing with Olivia. While they were playing I played with my new hair wand. 
I'm not good with fixing hair, but I'm trying. 
Saturday morning I got up and hit the gym for Extreme boot camp. I love my boot camp family, we have fun sweatin' together. 
After boot camp Ryan & C went shopping for new dirt bike gear, so we met up with Autumn Bottom for some pampering. 
We did some shopping after our pedicures. She didn't like this dress so she was mad I had her try it on. She's definitely my daughter. In the end she got her way and got a different dress and shoes. 
We had a late breakfast so popcorn for lunch it was. 
After we got home from our four hour long shopping adventures we headed to Razzoos for some rat toes, & stuffed shrimp. Yum. 
Chasing bubbles after dinner before the storm hits. 
Our bubble machine is amazing. She got it for her birthday last year and I haven't been able to find another one. It would make a perfect gift for my nephews. 
Sunday we were extremely lazy. The kids were eating cinnamon rolls at 1 pm. Ha. Some days you just need to do nothing. 


A Texas Tradition

In Texas it's a must that you go take your picture with our state flower, the Bluebonnet.
We go to this hill in my in-laws neighborhood. This year I walked to the very back of the hill and found a good spot, with a little bit of shade.
 My mom always gets the best pictures with my kids. I'm so jealous.

 This was the only decent picture I got with Olivia. We may have to make a third trip to get a better one.
 My mom and little brother, Parker.
 He's so excited that he's finally my height, that's not really something to be proud about.
 This diva. She is the spunkiest little girl ever.
 I want her to stay this age forever.
 My boy is growing up too fast. He's already almost in the 2nd grade. Where has this year gone?
 I love these two more than anything. So lucky I get to be their momma.
 This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Carson.
 She adores her big brother. Carson is patient, and kind with her.

 My little performer.
Maybe one year I will be able to drag Ryan along with us to get a picture together.