Baking with momma

This morning Carson told me he wanted to bake pumpkin cake. He had early release from school today, so it was a perfect day to spend the afternoon baking with my little man. 
           Olivia wanted to help too. 
Every fall I probably make this cake almost weekly. It doesn't stay around long. 
I love when he wants to help me. I hope he likes to help me cook when he's older. 
       Impatiently waiting for it to mix.
Closing up the oven. Now, we just wait an hour and enjoy the yummy smell of pumpkin cake all throughout the house.
            Ta da as Olivia would say. 


Until next time...

We had a noon check out time so we hit the beach one more time. 
I kind of hated to leave because this was the prettiest day all weekend. 

Olivia definitely enjoyed the water more this day.
She met a friend on the beach. It turned out to be the guy Ryan delivered trusses to daughter. What a coincidence.
Love them!!

My handsome hubby.

After the beach we showered and packed up to head home. We had a great time. C said he wanted to stay forever. It makes me so happy to see my kids happy. I'm so glad Ryan let us tag along with him. 

Beach bums

While Ryan went to deliver his load of trusses I took the kids down to the beach.
Carson had a blast and ran straight to the water. 
Olivia was more hesitant and just played in the sand. It was also rainy so I don't think she was loving it.
It's seriously impossible getting pictures of these two together.
We saw so many surfers. 
They were all so friendly.
Before we went back up to the hotel to shower we walked the beach. C liked this statue. 
(The humidity and wind was horrible for my hair!! I put every product I own in it to try and help it. Ryan kept saying the same about his beard. :)) I googled places to eat and found a place called shrimp n stuff. It was definitely a local joint, but delicious and not expensive at all. I shared fried shrimp with the kids. Since it was a rainy afternoon we went back to the room and all took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Love I can be lazy on vacation and not worry about doing chores. The rest of the day was low key. We wanted burgers for dinner so I googled more places. The ones with the best reviews were only open Monday thru Friday. They must really be good. We probably drove  around for an hour before just deciding on whataburger of all places. Ha. 
We ended the night watching the incredibles, & first kid.

Going to Galveston

Ryan had a load of trusses going to Galveston this weekend, so he let us tag along with him. I was excited because c had been begging us to go to the beach. We didn't tell him all week we were going somewhere. I picked him up about 1230 so we could get on the road.
He just thought the surprise was delivering with daddy somewhere far. It rained the whole drive. Some parts it was so hard to see the road. The drive took a few hours longer than normal.
Here's our load.

I made Ryan drive down the boulevard a few times so I knew all of my hotel options ha. Ryan will stay in the nastiest places. We ended up at the holiday inn resorts.
The kids love riding on the luggage carts.
We had an ocean view room on the 4th floor. Since we got to the hotel late we just walked to one of the nearest places to eat. It was a pizza place called papa brothers. We all thought it was really good. We got a large and ate all but one piece. (I forgot to take pictures of our food the whole weekend)
After dinner we walked back to the hotel for showers. Then we snuggled up and watched movies. 
They were so excited to share a bed. This is the first time Olivia slept in a big bed without me.


Red stamp addicted

A while back I pinned this app red stamp.
I didn't have an iPhone at the time, but knew I would get one eventually.
I'm a little addicted. And, did I mention its free?? Go download it & thank me later. :)


Weekend recap

***long post and picture overload 

We had somewhat of a busy weekend. Friday after school we stopped by Lolly's for a visit. 
Nonnie brought these glasses over for Carson. Olivia really liked them. I think she looks a little monster-ish in them.
Ryan went out on a friends boat, so I took the kids to cfa for dinner. 
Saturday morning Ryan had to work so we went to a Home Depot work shop. Read the post 
Saturday night we had dinner at razzoos. Olivia had to make sure Barbie was part of the family. 
After dinner we had family movie night. Carson said he was the movie director. He picked Stuart little 2 & hotel Transylvania.
Sunday Carson and I went to addys birthday party. I left Olivia home with Ryan. She's not scared of the water, so it's hard watching both kids at once around the pool.
C and addy were having trouble staying on the float. It was so cute watching them.
Addysons nana bought a little sno come maker. It was the perfect afternoon for a sno come. It was SO HOT!!!
Carson said he didn't want to hit Justin bieber in the face because their best friends. Ha!!

Thanks addy for inviting us to your swim party. 

After the party we took a quick trip to the lake. 

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Home Depot work shop

Every first Saturday of the month Home Depot does a free kids work shop. I've taken c to the Lowe's one before, but Home Depot is closer so we tried it out to see how we liked it. 
The work shop this month was building a ring toss. I nailed the nails to where they were holding the sides together and then let him finish. He did a pretty good job.
He looks so cute concentrating.
I had planned on Olivia staying home and just having a morning with c. Ryan had to work so Olivia had to go. She stood by my side the whole time. I don't think she liked going.
After he built his ring toss he was ready to paint. He loves the color red, so he started with that first. 
Here's the finished product. I told him it looked like ketchup and mustard. We had fun at the work shop I can't wait until next months.