Going to Galveston

Ryan had a load of trusses going to Galveston this weekend, so he let us tag along with him. I was excited because c had been begging us to go to the beach. We didn't tell him all week we were going somewhere. I picked him up about 1230 so we could get on the road.
He just thought the surprise was delivering with daddy somewhere far. It rained the whole drive. Some parts it was so hard to see the road. The drive took a few hours longer than normal.
Here's our load.

I made Ryan drive down the boulevard a few times so I knew all of my hotel options ha. Ryan will stay in the nastiest places. We ended up at the holiday inn resorts.
The kids love riding on the luggage carts.
We had an ocean view room on the 4th floor. Since we got to the hotel late we just walked to one of the nearest places to eat. It was a pizza place called papa brothers. We all thought it was really good. We got a large and ate all but one piece. (I forgot to take pictures of our food the whole weekend)
After dinner we walked back to the hotel for showers. Then we snuggled up and watched movies. 
They were so excited to share a bed. This is the first time Olivia slept in a big bed without me.

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