Beach bums

While Ryan went to deliver his load of trusses I took the kids down to the beach.
Carson had a blast and ran straight to the water. 
Olivia was more hesitant and just played in the sand. It was also rainy so I don't think she was loving it.
It's seriously impossible getting pictures of these two together.
We saw so many surfers. 
They were all so friendly.
Before we went back up to the hotel to shower we walked the beach. C liked this statue. 
(The humidity and wind was horrible for my hair!! I put every product I own in it to try and help it. Ryan kept saying the same about his beard. :)) I googled places to eat and found a place called shrimp n stuff. It was definitely a local joint, but delicious and not expensive at all. I shared fried shrimp with the kids. Since it was a rainy afternoon we went back to the room and all took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Love I can be lazy on vacation and not worry about doing chores. The rest of the day was low key. We wanted burgers for dinner so I googled more places. The ones with the best reviews were only open Monday thru Friday. They must really be good. We probably drove  around for an hour before just deciding on whataburger of all places. Ha. 
We ended the night watching the incredibles, & first kid.

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