Olivia is 2

My mom always made us feel special on our birthdays, so I try to do the same with mine without going overboard. We went to sweet and sassy then had lunch with daddy at dickeys BBQ.

After lunch my mom tagged along with us and we checked out Wylie's new trade days. It is still new, I think as time goes on it will get better.
I didn't get very good pictures of us. It was windy and Carson is still working on his photography skills. Ha! After the trade days we went home and played for awhile. I had to run to the store to get a few things before dinner. When I got home I found these two like this.
This does not look comfortable. Since we ate out for lunch I made a birthday dinner. We had fajitas, pico de gallo, guacamole, and chips. It was delicious. My mom and brother came over to eat with us.
After dinner we had cake and opened up presents. I made a strawberry buddy cake. She loves blowing out the candles but, it took a few good blows.
My mom bought her a necklace from zales. She went straight for that gift first. She knows what she likes.
She loved her nap mat more than I thought she would. 
That night she had to have a sleep over in Carson's room in it. To our surprise she stayed in there all night. 

A little sweet & sassy

Friday Olivia turned 2. The years just fly by. I love watching my little ones learn and grow. Friday morning Olivia had an appointment to get a mani and pedi at sweet & sassy. A girl needs pampered on her birthday, right?
It took her a minute to warm up to putting her feet in the water. I used her baby doll and pretended to do her toes. I think that helped get her to put hers in. 

She got a little flower painted on her toes.

After her toes she got her manicure. She looks like a big girl with those piggy tails.
Admiring her pretty pink nails.
She got some glitter sprayed in her hair and some glitter stars by her eye. Last time she rubbed it off pretty quickly. She let it stay on this time.
Rocking the stage with brother.  Once she woke up a little bit she started showing a little more personality. Happy birthday sweet girl. Mommy & daddy love you!!


Family birthday lunch

Saturday we celebrated both kids birthday with the family.
I kept it simple. I bought a 4 ft sub from wal mart, made a fruit salad, and served chips. My mil brought my favorite, chucks pickles, and a dip. It was so good!! 

Olivia was in heaven with all her baby dolls, and accessories. 
Lolly made Olivia a ton of bows to match all of her new outfits she bought her.
Cake time. Cupcakes was easier than doing a big cake. I had one made pink for Olivia. She cracks me up the way she eats sometimes.
My best friend Jess, and baby Harper.
Lolly and pops with the birthday kids.
Olivia is such a little mama. She just couldn't get enough Harper kisses.
            My dad and the kids. 
Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us. Carson and Olivia are so lucky to have so many people who love them so much!

Birthday celebration #1

This year I was combining the kids birthday parties, so I had a little play date birthday party for Carson to celebrate with his friends. I originally had planned for us to go to Hawaiian falls. I rented a cabana a while back and was going to bring a cooler with food and drinks for the kids. For the first time forever we've been getting rain in July and cooler temps. Who would have thought? I had to come up with a quick back up plan. We ended up going to the Allen natatorium and swam. The kids had a good time, so it all worked out!
Grayson, Nicolle, Carson, Jett, and Tyler.
It ended up not raining until later that afternoon, so we did presents and cake at the picnic tables outside.
I love this apron lolly made for Carson.

Carson with his friends plus my cousin Connor, brother Parker, Pearson, and Olivia. My grandma wasn't going to make it to his other party, so she came to this one.
This is the sweetest picture. Olivia loves her cousins Nicolle, and Grayson.
Thank you everyone who came and celebrated with Carson.

Carson is 5!

         How is my little man 5??? 
I made him pancakes and bacon for his birthday breakfast. After breakfast we took Olivia to Lolly's so we could go see a movie.
Carson and Shasta share a birthday. Shasta was giving her nephew a birthday hug.
          On our way to see smurfs 2.
My mom works in the film industry so we get to see some movies before they come out. This made for a fun free birthday treat. After the movie we picked up Olivia and headed home so Carson could open his presents.
The only thing he asked for was an alarm clock. Not even a fancy one, just a red alarm clock. 
Who knew how much a red alarm clock could mean to a little boy. Ha!
We surprised him with an iPod touch. My mom split the cost of it with us. I had no intentions of buying a brand new one, but I found a brand new one on Craigslist for a great price. 
    Yay! No more stealing my iPhone! After presents we headed to eat a birthday dinner.
All day we had been asking him what he wants for his birthday dinner. He kept telling us long John silvers. We love long johns, but we didn't really want to take him there for his birthday. His second choice was joe willys, so joe willys is where we went.
After our delicious dinner we came home for cake.
Happy birthday Carson. We love you so much and are so glad we are your parents. You make us so proud!