A little sweet & sassy

Friday Olivia turned 2. The years just fly by. I love watching my little ones learn and grow. Friday morning Olivia had an appointment to get a mani and pedi at sweet & sassy. A girl needs pampered on her birthday, right?
It took her a minute to warm up to putting her feet in the water. I used her baby doll and pretended to do her toes. I think that helped get her to put hers in. 

She got a little flower painted on her toes.

After her toes she got her manicure. She looks like a big girl with those piggy tails.
Admiring her pretty pink nails.
She got some glitter sprayed in her hair and some glitter stars by her eye. Last time she rubbed it off pretty quickly. She let it stay on this time.
Rocking the stage with brother.  Once she woke up a little bit she started showing a little more personality. Happy birthday sweet girl. Mommy & daddy love you!!

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