Olivia is 2

My mom always made us feel special on our birthdays, so I try to do the same with mine without going overboard. We went to sweet and sassy then had lunch with daddy at dickeys BBQ.

After lunch my mom tagged along with us and we checked out Wylie's new trade days. It is still new, I think as time goes on it will get better.
I didn't get very good pictures of us. It was windy and Carson is still working on his photography skills. Ha! After the trade days we went home and played for awhile. I had to run to the store to get a few things before dinner. When I got home I found these two like this.
This does not look comfortable. Since we ate out for lunch I made a birthday dinner. We had fajitas, pico de gallo, guacamole, and chips. It was delicious. My mom and brother came over to eat with us.
After dinner we had cake and opened up presents. I made a strawberry buddy cake. She loves blowing out the candles but, it took a few good blows.
My mom bought her a necklace from zales. She went straight for that gift first. She knows what she likes.
She loved her nap mat more than I thought she would. 
That night she had to have a sleep over in Carson's room in it. To our surprise she stayed in there all night. 

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