A good report

Tuesday I took both kids to get their yearly check up.
Carson got a great report. He is 51 # 95% and 46 1/2 in 97%. Growing and learning perfectly.
My little mama had to get a toe prick and 1 hep shot. She didn't flinch for either one of them. I was proud of my tough drama queen. She was just a little bit low in iron, so I really need to be better about giving vitamins. Her stats were 26 lbs 10 oz 50% and 33 inches tall 25-50%. I thought it would be fun to compare her stats to Carson's from his 2 year. He was  30 lbs in the 75% and 36 1/2 inches tall 90%.  Boys and girls just grow so differently. Carson has always had high percentiles. Olivia had a pretty good report. The only concern the doctor really had was that she isn't saying more phrases. She says a lot of words and totally understands everything you ask her to do. She said if she's not saying more phrases in a few months she may want to test her with a speech therapist. I really hope we don't have to go that route. In other news we took away Olivia's pacifier except for nap time and bedtime. This is how she feels about it. 
She isn't the best car rider right now. That's the only time it has really seemed to affect her. She's still adorable even pouty. Wish us luck she gets happier without it.

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