What's Up Wednesday- August

It's time for the What's up Wednesday Link up with Mel, Sheaffar, and Shay
Here's what we're doing
What we're eating
Monday- Country Burger
Tuesday- Italian sausage ravioli, Caesar salad, garlic bread, fruit
Wednesday- Chicken fajita quesadillas, homemade guacamole, and homemade pico de gallo
Thursday- Pot roast, potatoes, carrots, corn bread
Friday- Steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, rolls
Saturday- birthday party
Sunday-still deciding... Razzoos sounds good.
What I'm reminiscing about
 It's back to school around here, so I've been gong through the kids first day pics.
 Here is Carson Prek-2nd
What I'm loving
 I know it's only day 3, but I'm really loving school being back in. I get so much more done during the day when I only have one kid tagging along. Also, I'm obsessed with fish tail braids. I'm still talking the bearded man into letting me do a fish tail braid on his beard.

What we've been up to
We took a quick trip to Austin
 We went to visit Aunt Katy and the boys in Tyler
 Carson learned to get up on his wakeboard
 First sleep over
 Sunbathing cutie
 Baked some cookies for the neighbors
 Swimming with friends
 Lake sunsets
 Lazy nights with the hubs.
Tea parties
 The other day we had a legit cold front come through. The kids had to wear jackets to play outside.
 My sister will kill me for this picture, but I love how my nephew is eyeing that cake with pizza still in hand.
 Happy Birthday baby Cam!
What I'm dreading
All of the back to school paperwork, and meetings. #momprobs
Summer ending.
What I'm working on
Organizing my kitchen cabinets, and laundry cabinets.
What I'm excited about
 Labor Day weekend... I love long weekends. It will be nice getting to spend an extra day with the hubby. He's been working so much and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon.
What I'm watching
Bachelor in Paradise--OMG these people are not normal. I don't think Ashley I goes 5 minutes without breaking out in ugly cry, not sure how that chick makes it through life.
HGTV- I love some fixer upper. Jojo can come to my house anytime and remodel it. I love her style. Flip or Flop- I like their style, but the wifes voice on there drive me NUTS!
Property Brothers is another one of my favorites, too.
On the weekends I've been watching marathons of Lock Up once the kids are in bed.
What I'm listening to
I'm back to Josh Abbott band mostly. They are releasing a new album in November, I think. I can't wait! I also like that Marvin Gay song, Train- Marry me, Ah I love that song. And, I'm still digging Ed Sheerans Thinking out loud song.
What I'm wearing
Mostly white jeans, and work out clothes. I've been rotating through my black t shirt dress, and flowy maxi also.
What I'm doing this weekend
Saturday evening we have a birthday party to go to
Sunday hopefully getting in some boat time.
What I'm looking forward to
Olivia starting Pre-K on the 8th
What else is new
I recently discovered putting unstoppables in your scentsy warmer it will make your house smell amaze balls.
 Also, I took C shopping at Gap Outlet the other day, I forgot how much I love that store. I banned myself from it a couple years ago, because I couldn't control myself in there. The ban has been lifted!
***Bonus Question***
What are your back to school traditions
We keep it pretty simple around here. We give his teacher a back to school gift, and take pictures in the same spot every year for comparison. After school we go get ice cream somewhere.
This year we did our ice cream on the second day. Carson went with his Lolly to visit pops at the nursing home right after school.

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Back to school-2nd grade

Back to school!!!!
 He was so excited to get back in the classroom. He got the teacher he really wanted, so I think that definitely helped.
Normally on the first day of school I take pictures of him getting ready, and eating breakfast. I totally forgot yesterday morning! :(
 I still remember the day I walked him into Kindergarten thinking the 2nd grade hall seemed so far away. I'm just amazed at how fast time passes us by. Next thing I know I'll be watching his walk the stage graduating High School. Lets not think about that though.
Greeting his teacher with a gift.

 The girl behind him sat next to him last year on the first day of school, too.
We sure miss our guy hanging out with us during the day.
Our first day back was a smooth one. He said his day was great, and his teacher told him he's a good kid. The only thing he complained about were his new shoes hurt his ankles, so he ended up putting his socks on with his loafers. I wish I would have taken his picture it was pretty hilarious. Yesterday I was busy helping Lolly do things in her house we didn't go have a after school treat. We will have to do that today.
And here is some comparison pics from all of his first days of school.
Left to right- Pre-K-2nd 
Here he is this morning. I may be a little biased but I think he is so handsome!
It's hard to believe this time next year I will have TWO kids in elementary school. AHH!


Friday Favorites

It's Friday Favorites time again with Andrea, Narci, and Erika.
Earlier last month Ryan's little cousin was in town and wanted to take some pictures of the kids. I thought it was a good opportunity for me to jump in a few of them. I'm so glad I did, I love how they turned out. Kennedy is building up her photography portfolio and hasn't started the editing phase of her photography just yet, so I edited these. I love Kennedy's style, she has true talent, and will make an amazing photographer. She even taught me a few things. Here's a look at some of my favorites.


Thank you so much Kennedy for taking these pictures. We love them!
Today is my nephews second birthday. Happy Birthday, Baby Cam. We love you. Maybe by the time you're 3 we won't be calling you baby Cam anymore. Ha!
My first baby is going to 2nd grade on Monday. I'm still in shock he's old enough for second grade!!!
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