Family Fun Night

Friday Olivia's school had their annual Family Fun Night. 
They had bounce houses, cake walk, ring toss, and basketball game. A silent auction, coloring contest, photo booth, and face painting stations. 
You could also  buy tickets for food. 
She chose to go on the bounce house first. This is her coming down the slide. 
She picked out a butterfly and decided to get it on her arm. 
We dressed up then took a few photos. 
Daddy and Carson were supposed to come, but went to the car show instead. Since they didn't make it she colored them a picture. 
We ended the night with some pizza and cake walk. 
She didn't really care for the cake walk part. 
That changed when she got a brownie. 
We had a fun mommy daughter date. I love this sweet girl! 


Throwback Thursday dating edition

Since today is Thursday I thought it would be fun to do a throwback post. I'm throwing it way back to when I started dating my hubby. 
This was almost TEN years sgo. I can't believe how fast time goes by.
When we first met he was working on his '68 in a wife beater tshirt, dirty jeans, and van tennis shoes. He seemed totally uninterested in me, but after me being persistent he finally took me out. To this day, I don't think he regrets it! 
 I still remember my parents asking me how old he was after they met him. I genuinely didn't know. We met through mutual friends so I assumed he was 20 or 21. Well he was 23, almost 24. I was just going into my SR year of HS. Ha! At that time I didn't care I already knew he was my forever. 
At first my mom would try to set ridiculous rules for me thinking he would break up with me. I never followed them, and we laugh about it now. It took my mom a little longer to realize he was awesome. 
I still can see him driving down my street in his huge lifted ford with his loud music blaring coming to pick me up.

 10 years (in June) later were still happy and I still force him to take pictures with me. And he still drives a Ford with loud blaring music. :) Some things never change. 


Furniture makeover

For the longest time I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my room. We needed new bedding, but couldn't decide on what color. My MIL  made my valances about 5 years ago and I didn't want to ask her to make more, so I decided it had to match those. I also had my headboard remade a couple years ago so it needed to match that too. I was in Home Goods one day and saw a bluish grey bedding set for a good price so I went with that. It still matched everything in my room I didn't want to change. 
Now that I had new brighter bedding I decided to paint the furniture. Buying new furniture wasn't an option. I knew I wanted to go with a lighter color, but not white since my kitchen table is white. Grey is so in right now so that's what I went with. My furniture is laminate which means no sanding!!! Yay! I just primed it all before painting.

I did all of this in my kitchen. Our garage is too packed with all of Ryan's toys. Here's the before look. Boring and drab. 
And here's the afters. 

It's so much brighter, fresh, and happier feeling. I was hoping the color would be a little more grey than grey blue, but I can live with it. I'm glad it's done. I did decide to change out the knobs, but kept the same pulls. 
Now I just need to decide how I want to redecorate my walls. I know I want a starburst mirror, and want to make the desk a little vanity area. I found these lamp bases I want from ikea. 
I saw these at kirklands and thought they would be cute in there. 
And either a bench in front of my bed, or I'll paint my black hope chest and add a cushion to the top to put in front. I also want to paint the walls, but I may hire a professional for that. That's it for now! If you have any wall decor suggestions leave them in the comments. 


Play dates, painting, & 6 Flags

This week was Spring break. Yay for sleeping in! Since we weren't going out of town I made sure we did a little something everyday. 
Monday was rainy and there wasn't any movies out worth seeing, so Carson invited his friend Julian over to come play. 
Tuesday we met up with our friends Mary, Addy, and Kason for breakfast at CFA. 
We're so thankful for these friends. 
Afterwards we took my filthy car for a bath. 
On Wednesday we took our sweet boy to 6 flags for the first time. We had so much fun. 
We really enjoyed our time with him. We just can't get over him turning 7 in a few months! We love you Carson Ray! 
Thursday we loaded up in Aunt Katy's car and headed to Klyde Warren park in Downtown Dallas. Carson was reading a book to Pearson in the car.
We kind of chose a busy day to go unknowingly. Jeff Gordon had an appearance down there, so it was a little extra busy. 
Mary and her kids also met us down there. Despite the business we had a great time. I really like going just to eat off the food trucks. 
Friday we kept it low key. It was raining again. I had a couple errands to run so we took a trip to Braums for their afternoon snack. 

I think for not going anywhere we had a great Spring a Break! In between all of the fun I started a little bedroom makeover. Here's a little sneak peek. 
I'm about 90% done painting all of the furniture. I just need to get some new knobs, and redecorate my walls. I'm loving how it's all coming together!