1st swim

Last week we had our first swim for the season.
I had all of our stuff ready to go so when Carson got out of school we could head straight to the pool.
I never got in, but I'm pretty sure the big pool was FREEEEEZING!
My little fish tried telling me otherwise, but when he got out he couldn't stop shivering. Ha!
Olivia had fun working on her surfing skills in the kiddie pool.
Wearing her "go-gles"
 While we were there she found a chauffeur.
We're looking forward to lots more swims with our friends this spring/summer.

Golden Grips

I recently joined a moms group, and every week there's multiple play dates you can choose to go to.
This week we went to Golden Grips gymnastics. On Wednesdays if you have a large enough group it's only $5 for open gym.
 They set up a fun little obstacle course for the kids to follow. It went to a song, and when it said freeze you froze in the spot you were in. Olivia didn't quite get the freeze part.
We had a lot of fun. It was so laid back, I was able to chat, and meet some of the moms I didn't know while Olivia got to play.
 There was also a little song that went with the parachute.
 3 kids got to go in the middle at a time while the others wrapped them up like a present.
 Then they unwrapped them really quick. The instructor was so good with the kids.
Before we left they got out this swing over the trampoline.
 All the little girls flew like butterflies.
 I was surprised my little flipper didn't try to do any flips in the air.
 We will definitely be going back to Golden Grips gym.

Kid Mania

Friday Carson had a field trip to Kid Mania, so I tagged along.
I didn't  see him much because he was mostly up in the play gym.
 We've been to kid mania before. It's fun, cheap entertainment when it's not busy. Definitely isn't somewhere you want to go on a Saturday.
Each kid got a game card with some money on it to play some of the arcade games. Upstairs is full of arcade, and a parents only sitting area.
I'm not really sure how they got this field trip approved other than maybe it's good exercise, or for motor skills.
Not that I'm complaining, if I was a kid I would have totally loved coming here for a field trip.
 After some playing they got pizza, and water for lunch.
Thanks Aunt Katy for watching Olivia so I could tag along with Carson's class.

Watkins Spring Carnival

A couple of weeks ago Carson's school had their Spring Carnival.
Carson's classroom had a fishing eggstravagnza activity.
Olivia "fishing" for her special egg Mrs. Scherer brought for her. Have I mentioned how much we love her?
Carson being the great big brother he is had to give sister a little help.
Carson had so much fun.
 I only bought enough tickets for him and Olivia to do his classrooms activity, and the pony rides.
After their egg fishing we went to check out the silent auction.
His class had a fun theme. We donated tail gating items. A grill, cooler, chairs, bbq utensils, rubs, marinades, etc. We personally donated two adult chairs, and two children's chairs. We didn't stay around to see how much it ended up going for. I think the bidding had to start around $150.
 Next was some pony ridin'.
 Carson was hilarious, he started kicking the sides, and saying giddy up. His horse actually started moving faster.
 Olivia was lovin' the ponies. She told daddy she wanted a horse.
 Unfortunately, daddy said no, but did offer her a few goats. We'll keep working on the getting a horse. 

Bluebonnets 2014

If you're from Texas you know it's Texan tradition to get your pics taken with the State Flower.
 We spent an hour one morning just taking pictures of Olivia. I had to put "Let it Go" on my phone to get her to cooperate.
 This is her performing. She has so much sass, and personality. We love it!
 I didn't get the best pics of C in the bluebonnets. We went one afternoon on our way to get a haircut. It was bright, busy, and kind of hot. I had planned to go back to get some better ones, but we just never made it back.
 I love these two boys so much! Pearson wanted take a picture with his big cousin. I hope they always like playing together.
 Have I mentioned how hard it is getting a good picture of my two kids together? Nearly impossible, but this one melts my heart! I'm so glad I'm their momma.
How is he almost a 1st grader already?

Easter 2014

The kids were excited to wake up and see what the Easter bunny brought.
I always stick new swimwear, and pool toys in their baskets.
It's a practical gift, and stuff I would end up buying eventually.
After they checked out their baskets, they were ready to hunt eggs.
I'm kind of boring and only hid 9 eggs each for the kids in the house. They were going to get to do a big egg hunt later at lolly's, so I wasn't going to go all out and do a big one in the back yard. (I think it's funny Olivia's hunting eggs in Santa pjs. They still fit, so we wear 'em.)
I made us some Orange rolls for breakfast before we headed out. My mom lives a couple streets over from Ryan's parents, so we did a quick stop to see her on our way to lunch.
This sweet boy was enjoying his first Easter. My mom made a big brunch for her, my brother, sister, and step-dad.
Paw paw with his sweet gkids. It's pretty impossible to get three young kids to all look at the camera and smile.
This is the story of my life, Olivia and I smiling at the camera, Ryan, and Carson being stubborn.
We had a huge lunch at Lolly's then let the kids do some more Easter egg hunting.
Olivia knew to look for the eggs with polka dots on them, those were all hers to find.
Carson was hunting the baseball eggs, and Pearson hunted the shiny eggs. It made things so much easier.
Lolly also had just some plain eggs, and candy laying out that was up for grabs.
So sweet.
Opening gifts from Lolly, & pops. She also gave the kids some swimwear, and fun little activity books.
We had another great Easter at Lolly & pops. It's so nice to live so close to our families.