Kid Mania

Friday Carson had a field trip to Kid Mania, so I tagged along.
I didn't  see him much because he was mostly up in the play gym.
 We've been to kid mania before. It's fun, cheap entertainment when it's not busy. Definitely isn't somewhere you want to go on a Saturday.
Each kid got a game card with some money on it to play some of the arcade games. Upstairs is full of arcade, and a parents only sitting area.
I'm not really sure how they got this field trip approved other than maybe it's good exercise, or for motor skills.
Not that I'm complaining, if I was a kid I would have totally loved coming here for a field trip.
 After some playing they got pizza, and water for lunch.
Thanks Aunt Katy for watching Olivia so I could tag along with Carson's class.

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