Golden Grips

I recently joined a moms group, and every week there's multiple play dates you can choose to go to.
This week we went to Golden Grips gymnastics. On Wednesdays if you have a large enough group it's only $5 for open gym.
 They set up a fun little obstacle course for the kids to follow. It went to a song, and when it said freeze you froze in the spot you were in. Olivia didn't quite get the freeze part.
We had a lot of fun. It was so laid back, I was able to chat, and meet some of the moms I didn't know while Olivia got to play.
 There was also a little song that went with the parachute.
 3 kids got to go in the middle at a time while the others wrapped them up like a present.
 Then they unwrapped them really quick. The instructor was so good with the kids.
Before we left they got out this swing over the trampoline.
 All the little girls flew like butterflies.
 I was surprised my little flipper didn't try to do any flips in the air.
 We will definitely be going back to Golden Grips gym.

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