My wonderful pumpkin I carved all by myself. Last year my pumpkin did not turn out at all, I wish I knew where the picture was so I could show an example. I didn't have the little pumpkin kit, I just used my moms so I didn't have to buy one and she didn't give me the poker. So I used a mechanical pencil to poke the holes before carving. That did not turn out very well. This picture isn't the greatest, I had to take it from my phone. My camera wouldn't get a good picture, when the flash went off it made a streak right in the middle of the head so you couldn't tell what it was, when I turned the flash off it made a huge blur then you really couldn't tell what it was.


My future golfer

This little booger better win the costume contest Friday. I am so excited for him to wear his Halloween costume. It seems like I have had it forever.


Halloween costume

On Friday I am going to a Halloween party, costume mandatory. I am not big on this Holiday if it should even be considered one. It's a kids/adult party so the costume needs to be appropriate. My mom has an Indian dress similar to this one from when she a mascot in High School. I am going to try it on and see if it fits, when I was at her house the other day it looked a tad big. I am hoping it fits good and I can just buy a few accessories to keep it cheap. If not, I will just buy this one. What do ya think?

BBQ chip chicken nuggets

I don't have a picture of this recipe, because I made it a few weeks ago and never blogged about it. It sounds kind of weird but really yummy. Ryan is NOT a chicken eater and this is one of his favorite chicken dishes. 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts 4 eggs salt and pepper (to taste) garlic and onion powder (to taste) BBQ chips (I very rarely measure when I cook unless i'm following someone else's recipe) Cut the chicken breasts up into nugget size pieces, mix the eggs, salt & pepper, onion & garlic powder. Crunch the BBQ chips on a plate into little pieces. Dip the chicken nuggets into the mixture then roll in the chips. I like to make sure there are alot of chips on the nuggets. Put on a pan and bake at 350. They only take about 10 minutes to cook in the oven. I cook them on a pan that has holes in so I don't have to flip them, if you don't have a pan like that cook them for 5 minutes on one side then flip. They should turn out so tender. I eat them with either mashed potatoes, green beans, or Ryan like Au Gratin cheesy potatoes with it. Enjoy...


Chick fil a

I absolutely LOVE Chick Fil A! I really wanted some Mexican food for dinner, but it would have been cold by the time I got home so opted to try out the new Chick Fil A. It was amazing of course. I have been stuck on the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich, I really eat it a couple of times a week. I also love the Chicken Tender Salad, it makes a great meal for two, I give the tenders to Carson and eat the salad. What is your favorite meal at Chick fil A?

A little thought of the day

Tonight I had to go to an open caskett viewing. It was for a friend who I played soccer with in Plano before we moved to Wylie. Her mom died of a heart attack on Sunday. It was some what unexpected, real unexpected to me, because we haven't talked in awhile. She had 3 grandchildren, one who was only 2 months old, and she had three children the youngest being 15. I really don't deal with death very well, I am just scared. I don't like the thought of leaving my son behind! Hopefully when I die I am old, peaceful, and with my husband. Going to things like I did tonight just makes me think how we really do take life for granted for the most part. As well all know tomorrow is never guaranteed. The positive side of death, if there really is one, is it really brings a lot of people together. For instance, tonight there was a lot of people we don't really talk to much and they only live 30 minutes away, why is that? We all just picked back up to where we left off. From now on I really want to try and live my life to the fullest, and really not sweat the small stuff. I'm going to try and spend even more time with Carson, instead of worrying so much on cleaning, and doing laundry that stuff will still be there when he goes to bed, or the next day, or the day after that. I know I do the best that I can, but I want him to remember me as being a great mom who just really loved life.


Morning fun

Carson & I met a friend and her daughter for breakfast this morning at IHOP. He did really well until I was nice and decided to give him a bit of freedom, and sit in the booth with me. He got a hold of a coffee creamer and squeezed it so hard it exploded all over the window. All I could hear next to me was SPLAT... I can't really figure out a way to write out how it truely sounded but that's close enough. I thought it was hilarious, was just so unexpected. I was so glad it didn't get all over him or the lady behind us, it was a great shot for the window though. I always feel bad when we go out to restaurants, because he really is the messiest eater and he likes to throw food all on the floor. I am always apologizing to the waiters and of course they say, "oh don't worry about it" because they don't have to clean it up either. This sure made for a great morning!


15 Months

Carson had his 15 month check up today. I can't believe how fast time goes, I still remember the day I brought him home. (I know it was only a year ago but still) I was so used to having people in and out of my hospital room, nurses taking my vitals etc.. once we got home it was just kind of boring, and I asked Ryan, "What do we do now?" We decided to sleep. From that moment on it wasn't just us two anymore. Back to his check up. He weighs 24 pounds and 6 ounces (50-75th percentile), 32 1/2 inches long (75-90 percentile), and his head is 48 (75th percentile). Carson is completely normal and on track. I am so blessed to have a healthy baby, when I was pregnant I would have dreams that he would come out funky, I even had a dream he came out black and we had a name for him, Willis. I think most moms to be have these crazy dreams, I am so glad he was perfect and adorable. He is so fun to be around, such a boy, and just loves life! I love listening to his jibber jabber all day, I wish I knew what he was saying when it does start making sense I know I am going to be thinking, okay enough now please!


Soon to be Mr. & Mrs.

My best friend/ Carson's 2nd mom, Jess, got engaged last Thursday. I am so happy for her, I think Layn is great and couldn't be more perfect for her! He is such a gentlemen, he can provide for her, and he just completely adores her. I really get excited when I find out people I know are getting married because it's really just special (not that it's not hard at times), but it's fun, and nice to have someone to come home to, and cook for, and just knowing you have someone to grow old with! Congratulations again Jess & Layn, I love you both!

Need some motivation

I really need to get back into my normal work out routine. I have not worked out once since July. I do walk a lot due to a minor shopping addiction I have. I am not lazy by any means, I have a one year to chase after on a regular basis. This weather lately just makes me so tired and want to do nothing, it's a bit hard to get motivated on rainy, chilly days. I just want to lay in my bed and watch movies all day with Carson. I can't blame all of it on the weather, I have been super busy with some Christmas shopping, and working on a small project for my in laws. It also makes it difficult when Carson has been way off schedule and I just don't know what to do? This kid does not want to go to bed at night. During the day I look forward to time to myself and I have not had this in at least two weeks if not longer. Once he goes to bed I normally pick the house up for the millionth time, read some of my book, catch up on people status's on FB, then finally take a shower and go to bed. I know these are all horrible excuses so starting tomorrow I am going to make myself devote an hour to the weird guy on p90x and get a great workout during Carson's nap, even if it means neglect my daily house duties.


Spic and Span

I can not stand having dirty baby gear. Last night I got into a mode where I decided to clean the car seat which badly needed it. Carson went to a car show with Ryan on Saturday and Ryan does not know how to keep a baby clean or his items to say the least. As I was doing the car seat I thought I should go ahead and take the stroller apart as well. I know it looked kind of tricky but I didn't think it would be too difficult. I couldn't be more wrong, it took me a little over an hour to put it back together. In the end it was all worth it. I don't want to have to do it again until I am ready to use it for my next child. Carson will no longer be allowed to eat in it! It was so nice using a clean stroller today, I wish I would have done it sooner.