Morning fun

Carson & I met a friend and her daughter for breakfast this morning at IHOP. He did really well until I was nice and decided to give him a bit of freedom, and sit in the booth with me. He got a hold of a coffee creamer and squeezed it so hard it exploded all over the window. All I could hear next to me was SPLAT... I can't really figure out a way to write out how it truely sounded but that's close enough. I thought it was hilarious, was just so unexpected. I was so glad it didn't get all over him or the lady behind us, it was a great shot for the window though. I always feel bad when we go out to restaurants, because he really is the messiest eater and he likes to throw food all on the floor. I am always apologizing to the waiters and of course they say, "oh don't worry about it" because they don't have to clean it up either. This sure made for a great morning!

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