Proud momma, & skin strep

I forgot to post about Carson getting awards last week. 
He got on trac for reading success, and ropin reader. We are so proud of how well he does in school. He absolutely loves going. I can't believe the school year is halfway over. 
Olivia is so proud of her big brother. She stayed by his side the entire ceremony, and even tried going on stage with him. Ha! 
Olivia really believes she's part of the class. Too adorable! Friday Carson also had his first spelling test. I was nervous how it would go. He was very strong willed when it came to not wanting to study.
He did so much better than I expected. He got a 96. We rewarded him with a sonic drink afterschool. I was a little frustrated that he spelled the word right in the spelling part, but spelled it wrong in the dictation. Regardless we were still proud!
This morning I took my sweet girl to the doctor. She had a little rash on her bum. It turned out to be strep on the skin. I had never heard of that. Apparently it is pretty common. We got her all fixed up with an oral, and ointment antibiotic. Glad to say it is already looking better!


Weekend happenings

Friday we celebrated Lolly's birthday at Joe willys.
(Stole this pic from my sil)
Saturday we drove out to Rhome, TX to celebrate Harper turning one, & Jess turning 26.
Jess made this super cute sign for the party.
There was a park right by the clubhouse the party was at.
 It was such a perfect day for a birthday party, and the park. 
It's fun to be one.
 Sunday was another beautiful day. We spent the day playing outside. Carson decided he wanted to try and learn to ride his dirt bike.
 He did so great learning how to work the gas and the brake.
Now it's back to gross, cold weather. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for SpRiNg!

Over the moon

Friday I went up to Carson's school to volunteer for their weekly science lab.
Friday was super cold, so they were having indoor recess. Carson loves building with legos.
While one of the other moms, and I were preparing the activity for the kids Mrs. Scherer was explaining to the kids what they were to do.
They used flashlights with a partner and each took turns doing the phases of the moon. The kids loved playing with the flashlights. Mrs. Scherer gave each student a glow in the dark star to take home.
Their next activity was to create a moon using play dough, and clay.
Once they've done their science activity they write in the journals about it.
I'm glad I finally got a chance to go help out with Carson's class. Thanks Aunt Katy for keeping Miss priss. 



Harper turns 1

My best friend, Jess, asked me to take her daughters one year old pics.
 Harper is usually super smiley, but today she felt like being serious.
I still thought she was adorable. She does the cutest little crawl. She crawls on one knee, and drags the other leg.
She started to cooperate more when we told her she got cake next.
She's like her momma, and aunt Ashley. She loves some cake.
Happy Birthday sweet Harper Rae. I can't believe you are already one years old. We can't wait to celebrate with you next weekend.

Food trucks & fun

Today Carson had off of school for MLK Jr. day. It was the perfect day to take a trip to Klyde Warren Park in Downtown Dallas.
I have mostly been wanting to go here because they have Food trucks parked everywhere.
We ate at Gandolfos. We mostly chose this truck, because it had the shortest line. It still took an hour to wait. Crazy. Next time I go I will probably just pack my own food, the food there is expensive, and takes forever to wait through the line. It was super busy, so maybe on a regular work day it isn't as bad. Gandolfos is like a New York style deli that also serves Nathan's hot dogs. I was going to get a sandwich until my mom ordered her hot dog. I'm not a big hot dog eater, but I do love Nathan's.
It was so good, but not good for you!
I knew the food would be expensive, so I packed lunch for the kids. I'm so glad I did because they probably wouldn't have liked what was there to eat. There was a table right by the line we were in so I went ahead and let them eat while we waited.
This year they added this all weather skating rink. Carson liked watching the people slip and fall.
 The kids had fun playing at the Children's part of the park.
If I knew it was going to be closer to 80 degrees instead of 70 I would have brought extra clothes for the kids to play in the water area they have.
Carson liked sliding down this fake grass hill.
Camden was happy hanging out in his stroller at the park. Pretty soon he'll be running around with the big kids.
Olivia had fun running around the big open part of the park.
I think it wore her out.
The line to the ice cream truck was ridic, so we made a Braums pit stop to end our day.
 Thanks mom for treating us to ice cream. I love some cookies n cream ice cream!
We had such a fun day. I'm so glad my mom, and sister were off work so they could go with us. We just missed Parker.


Time for change

I've been looking for a new blog design for awhile. I just couldn't figure out what I wanted, and didn't want to spend $250+ on a cute custom design. The other day I came across this giveaway for a free blog design from an etsy shop owner. I entered, but knew the chances of me winning were slim. I went ahead and emailed Chelsea from Bella Lulu Ink to order a new design. She was awesome, and quick to answer any questions I had. She has quite a few templates to choose from, and offers different packages for installation. I'm not tech savvy at all, so I was all for her installing everything for me. I love how my blog now looks so clean, and easy to read. If you're looking for a new design, I highly recommend Chelsea. Make sure to leave a comment, and let me know how you like my new design.


More pictures

Here are the last two pictures from our session!

I can't help but be sappy. He still gives me butterflies. I'm so glad we crossed paths 9 years ago.
He has no choice but to love me.



Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I have to say it was a pretty great one. It started off with cuddling, then a backrub from my sweet boy, Carson. Then Ryan went and got donuts early to make sure they had everything I liked. I love these chocolate sprinkled donuts. It has to be the little sprinkles. 
After breakfast I opened up presents from my sweet kids.
They got me some empty DVD cases, some toys cars, and a whiffle ball. Best.presents.ever! After my gifts Carson helped me pick up the house. He made all of the beds. 
Although I would have loved to remake the beds so it looked like we straightened the house I didn't want to hurt my little mans feelings. He did a great job. I went to get my eye brows waxed, and decided what the heck, it's my birthday, I'll get a manicure, too. I am loving the trend of painting the ring finger a different color. I can't help it!
When I got home from some mom time, the kids and I went to collect free food. Firehouse subs, and jersey mikes only give their free meals on your actual birthday, and my schlotzskys expired yesterday, too. I had to go to all three. I brought them home, and we had a little bit of everything. Yum!
The kids went to Lolly's to stay the night, so we could have a fun, kid free evening. We went to razzoos for dinner. I love their rat toes, and stuffed shrimp. 
My husband is seriously handsome! Beard & all! 
My momma, and seester.
Us with my other sister, Ashland.  My mom gave me the cutest origami owl necklace. 
Don't pay attention to my split ends. Ick! I'm just waiting on the kids birth stone charms to come in. I'm going to add my anniversary in there, too. Thanks mom. I love it! I also got some cute candles from my friend Kelly.
Just the girls. Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate with me! I had fun! I hope 26 was better than 25!