Food trucks & fun

Today Carson had off of school for MLK Jr. day. It was the perfect day to take a trip to Klyde Warren Park in Downtown Dallas.
I have mostly been wanting to go here because they have Food trucks parked everywhere.
We ate at Gandolfos. We mostly chose this truck, because it had the shortest line. It still took an hour to wait. Crazy. Next time I go I will probably just pack my own food, the food there is expensive, and takes forever to wait through the line. It was super busy, so maybe on a regular work day it isn't as bad. Gandolfos is like a New York style deli that also serves Nathan's hot dogs. I was going to get a sandwich until my mom ordered her hot dog. I'm not a big hot dog eater, but I do love Nathan's.
It was so good, but not good for you!
I knew the food would be expensive, so I packed lunch for the kids. I'm so glad I did because they probably wouldn't have liked what was there to eat. There was a table right by the line we were in so I went ahead and let them eat while we waited.
This year they added this all weather skating rink. Carson liked watching the people slip and fall.
 The kids had fun playing at the Children's part of the park.
If I knew it was going to be closer to 80 degrees instead of 70 I would have brought extra clothes for the kids to play in the water area they have.
Carson liked sliding down this fake grass hill.
Camden was happy hanging out in his stroller at the park. Pretty soon he'll be running around with the big kids.
Olivia had fun running around the big open part of the park.
I think it wore her out.
The line to the ice cream truck was ridic, so we made a Braums pit stop to end our day.
 Thanks mom for treating us to ice cream. I love some cookies n cream ice cream!
We had such a fun day. I'm so glad my mom, and sister were off work so they could go with us. We just missed Parker.

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