My little veggie eater

After Autumn's soccer game, my family and a few friends went to Chilis for dinner. My sister started feeding Carson some corn on the cobb, he loved it!!! I am so glad he loves fruits and veggies. I think the only veggie he doesn't like is Spinach. I don't blame him, I don't care for it either!!!


Carson's headlight

I was on the phone the other night and he kept opening the "junk drawer" it was driving me nuts so I looked to see what I could give him to keep him happy until I was off the phone. Ryan's headlight he got for Christmas was in there, I thought that was perfect. Ryan got this headlight for when he is crawling in attics and such and is not able to hold a flash light. Carson thought it was so funny to have this thing with a light attached to his head. I turned out all the lights so he could see how it worked! He thought it was so funny. I video taped it, but it's hard to really see anything. You can hear him laughing really hard though that's probably the best part!!!

Mac n Cheese please

My big boy eating some Macaroni and Cheese at the big boy table. I have been giving him more freedom on where he sits for his meals. I want him to learn how to sit in the chair and eat with a fork. We started out by moving into a booster seat, it just turned out to be a pain for me. He did so well eating in a booth at McDonalds the other day I decided to try sitting in the big boy chair at home. He has done great so far. We're still working on the whole eating with a fork/spoon thing. It will come over time, I am so proud of my little man.


OH NO! Is all I hear around my house these days. It is Carson's new word/words. I love how he is starting to say a few things and comprehend what you tell him. I am so amazed how kids learn, it's so fun to watch. He starts Mother's Day Out on Tuesday I am excited to see what he picks up from other kids. Hopefully, he only picks up good habits. I wont' be so excited for him to learn the bad habits.


Is Summer here yet?

This is the weather I am looking forward to! Summer just cannot get here quick enough!!!


Couch Potato

This is a picture of my best friend for the past month. Granted I got up to clean house and do a few of my housewife chores.This cold weather just put me into a funk where I did not want to leave. I just wanted to sit in my comfy pants and t shirts and hang out. This week is supposed to be warmer so I plan on getting out of the house, and taking Carson to do a few activities. Although, I enjoy doing nothing it has it's downfalls. I am pretty sure I have gained 5-10 pounds. I am trying to work on a nice bikini body, nice to me is no love handles and as flat of a stomach I can get. This is hard because Carson stretched my skin to the moon while I was pregnant, and I got those unfortunate love handles. Another reason is my best friend Jess is getting married sometime soon and I am her matron of honor. I have to look good, she doesn't want fat or chubby people in it!