Couch Potato

This is a picture of my best friend for the past month. Granted I got up to clean house and do a few of my housewife chores.This cold weather just put me into a funk where I did not want to leave. I just wanted to sit in my comfy pants and t shirts and hang out. This week is supposed to be warmer so I plan on getting out of the house, and taking Carson to do a few activities. Although, I enjoy doing nothing it has it's downfalls. I am pretty sure I have gained 5-10 pounds. I am trying to work on a nice bikini body, nice to me is no love handles and as flat of a stomach I can get. This is hard because Carson stretched my skin to the moon while I was pregnant, and I got those unfortunate love handles. Another reason is my best friend Jess is getting married sometime soon and I am her matron of honor. I have to look good, she doesn't want fat or chubby people in it!

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