Proud momma, & skin strep

I forgot to post about Carson getting awards last week. 
He got on trac for reading success, and ropin reader. We are so proud of how well he does in school. He absolutely loves going. I can't believe the school year is halfway over. 
Olivia is so proud of her big brother. She stayed by his side the entire ceremony, and even tried going on stage with him. Ha! 
Olivia really believes she's part of the class. Too adorable! Friday Carson also had his first spelling test. I was nervous how it would go. He was very strong willed when it came to not wanting to study.
He did so much better than I expected. He got a 96. We rewarded him with a sonic drink afterschool. I was a little frustrated that he spelled the word right in the spelling part, but spelled it wrong in the dictation. Regardless we were still proud!
This morning I took my sweet girl to the doctor. She had a little rash on her bum. It turned out to be strep on the skin. I had never heard of that. Apparently it is pretty common. We got her all fixed up with an oral, and ointment antibiotic. Glad to say it is already looking better!

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