Til death do us part

Today was Ryan and mines 6 year wedding anniversary. Since it fell on a Super Bowl Sunday this year we celebrated last night. We went to eat at Kyoto's Japanese Steak House.
It was really yummy, but for the price we would rather eat at Kobe Steaks.
Our guy put a little too much oil, and tried to burn the restaurant down. He was a fun chef. Although, he threw broccoli at me three times, and I missed every.single.time. I have to say it wasn't my fault, he had really bad aim.  I didn't take a picture of my food, but Ryan, and I both got the Samurai. It was filet mignon, and Lobster with fried rice. SOOOO GOOD!
 Today is our actual anniversary. Since it's super cold out, and everything would be packed with sports watchers, we ordered in. Ryan is so obsessed with this local pizza place, we eat it every single week. I decided to get their Antipasto salad. It is one of my favorites. I'm also trying to diet a little. I'm getting chubby. Ick!
 We spent the day just how I wanted to, watching TV on the couch, and being completely lazy.
It's been a great 6 years being married to the bearded man. I'm excited for many, many more!
And, for fun here's a comparison pic of the beard from this day last year to now. It's gotten crazy long, I kinda cut off the bottom a bit. It is in need a good trim.

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