Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I have to say it was a pretty great one. It started off with cuddling, then a backrub from my sweet boy, Carson. Then Ryan went and got donuts early to make sure they had everything I liked. I love these chocolate sprinkled donuts. It has to be the little sprinkles. 
After breakfast I opened up presents from my sweet kids.
They got me some empty DVD cases, some toys cars, and a whiffle ball. Best.presents.ever! After my gifts Carson helped me pick up the house. He made all of the beds. 
Although I would have loved to remake the beds so it looked like we straightened the house I didn't want to hurt my little mans feelings. He did a great job. I went to get my eye brows waxed, and decided what the heck, it's my birthday, I'll get a manicure, too. I am loving the trend of painting the ring finger a different color. I can't help it!
When I got home from some mom time, the kids and I went to collect free food. Firehouse subs, and jersey mikes only give their free meals on your actual birthday, and my schlotzskys expired yesterday, too. I had to go to all three. I brought them home, and we had a little bit of everything. Yum!
The kids went to Lolly's to stay the night, so we could have a fun, kid free evening. We went to razzoos for dinner. I love their rat toes, and stuffed shrimp. 
My husband is seriously handsome! Beard & all! 
My momma, and seester.
Us with my other sister, Ashland.  My mom gave me the cutest origami owl necklace. 
Don't pay attention to my split ends. Ick! I'm just waiting on the kids birth stone charms to come in. I'm going to add my anniversary in there, too. Thanks mom. I love it! I also got some cute candles from my friend Kelly.
Just the girls. Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate with me! I had fun! I hope 26 was better than 25!

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