Chick fil a

I absolutely LOVE Chick Fil A! I really wanted some Mexican food for dinner, but it would have been cold by the time I got home so opted to try out the new Chick Fil A. It was amazing of course. I have been stuck on the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich, I really eat it a couple of times a week. I also love the Chicken Tender Salad, it makes a great meal for two, I give the tenders to Carson and eat the salad. What is your favorite meal at Chick fil A?

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  1. Oh how I miss Chick Fil A. There is one down south on the Kansas side about 30 minutes from me. One just opened up on the other side of town about 15 minutes from me. My doctor's office is over there, so on Tuesday after my appointment I went and got breakfast. I love their Sweet Tea!!! It reminds me of Texas :)