My wonderful pumpkin I carved all by myself. Last year my pumpkin did not turn out at all, I wish I knew where the picture was so I could show an example. I didn't have the little pumpkin kit, I just used my moms so I didn't have to buy one and she didn't give me the poker. So I used a mechanical pencil to poke the holes before carving. That did not turn out very well. This picture isn't the greatest, I had to take it from my phone. My camera wouldn't get a good picture, when the flash went off it made a streak right in the middle of the head so you couldn't tell what it was, when I turned the flash off it made a huge blur then you really couldn't tell what it was.

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  1. That's really cute! I made one with my class last Friday and on Tuesday he was already rotting. It was disgusting. Mine was anything cool like yours. Just a simple Jack-O-Lantern!!