Watkins Spring Carnival

A couple of weeks ago Carson's school had their Spring Carnival.
Carson's classroom had a fishing eggstravagnza activity.
Olivia "fishing" for her special egg Mrs. Scherer brought for her. Have I mentioned how much we love her?
Carson being the great big brother he is had to give sister a little help.
Carson had so much fun.
 I only bought enough tickets for him and Olivia to do his classrooms activity, and the pony rides.
After their egg fishing we went to check out the silent auction.
His class had a fun theme. We donated tail gating items. A grill, cooler, chairs, bbq utensils, rubs, marinades, etc. We personally donated two adult chairs, and two children's chairs. We didn't stay around to see how much it ended up going for. I think the bidding had to start around $150.
 Next was some pony ridin'.
 Carson was hilarious, he started kicking the sides, and saying giddy up. His horse actually started moving faster.
 Olivia was lovin' the ponies. She told daddy she wanted a horse.
 Unfortunately, daddy said no, but did offer her a few goats. We'll keep working on the getting a horse. 

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