Bluebonnets 2014

If you're from Texas you know it's Texan tradition to get your pics taken with the State Flower.
 We spent an hour one morning just taking pictures of Olivia. I had to put "Let it Go" on my phone to get her to cooperate.
 This is her performing. She has so much sass, and personality. We love it!
 I didn't get the best pics of C in the bluebonnets. We went one afternoon on our way to get a haircut. It was bright, busy, and kind of hot. I had planned to go back to get some better ones, but we just never made it back.
 I love these two boys so much! Pearson wanted take a picture with his big cousin. I hope they always like playing together.
 Have I mentioned how hard it is getting a good picture of my two kids together? Nearly impossible, but this one melts my heart! I'm so glad I'm their momma.
How is he almost a 1st grader already?

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