Easter 2014

The kids were excited to wake up and see what the Easter bunny brought.
I always stick new swimwear, and pool toys in their baskets.
It's a practical gift, and stuff I would end up buying eventually.
After they checked out their baskets, they were ready to hunt eggs.
I'm kind of boring and only hid 9 eggs each for the kids in the house. They were going to get to do a big egg hunt later at lolly's, so I wasn't going to go all out and do a big one in the back yard. (I think it's funny Olivia's hunting eggs in Santa pjs. They still fit, so we wear 'em.)
I made us some Orange rolls for breakfast before we headed out. My mom lives a couple streets over from Ryan's parents, so we did a quick stop to see her on our way to lunch.
This sweet boy was enjoying his first Easter. My mom made a big brunch for her, my brother, sister, and step-dad.
Paw paw with his sweet gkids. It's pretty impossible to get three young kids to all look at the camera and smile.
This is the story of my life, Olivia and I smiling at the camera, Ryan, and Carson being stubborn.
We had a huge lunch at Lolly's then let the kids do some more Easter egg hunting.
Olivia knew to look for the eggs with polka dots on them, those were all hers to find.
Carson was hunting the baseball eggs, and Pearson hunted the shiny eggs. It made things so much easier.
Lolly also had just some plain eggs, and candy laying out that was up for grabs.
So sweet.
Opening gifts from Lolly, & pops. She also gave the kids some swimwear, and fun little activity books.
We had another great Easter at Lolly & pops. It's so nice to live so close to our families.

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