Family birthday lunch

Saturday we celebrated both kids birthday with the family.
I kept it simple. I bought a 4 ft sub from wal mart, made a fruit salad, and served chips. My mil brought my favorite, chucks pickles, and a dip. It was so good!! 

Olivia was in heaven with all her baby dolls, and accessories. 
Lolly made Olivia a ton of bows to match all of her new outfits she bought her.
Cake time. Cupcakes was easier than doing a big cake. I had one made pink for Olivia. She cracks me up the way she eats sometimes.
My best friend Jess, and baby Harper.
Lolly and pops with the birthday kids.
Olivia is such a little mama. She just couldn't get enough Harper kisses.
            My dad and the kids. 
Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us. Carson and Olivia are so lucky to have so many people who love them so much!

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