Birthday celebration #1

This year I was combining the kids birthday parties, so I had a little play date birthday party for Carson to celebrate with his friends. I originally had planned for us to go to Hawaiian falls. I rented a cabana a while back and was going to bring a cooler with food and drinks for the kids. For the first time forever we've been getting rain in July and cooler temps. Who would have thought? I had to come up with a quick back up plan. We ended up going to the Allen natatorium and swam. The kids had a good time, so it all worked out!
Grayson, Nicolle, Carson, Jett, and Tyler.
It ended up not raining until later that afternoon, so we did presents and cake at the picnic tables outside.
I love this apron lolly made for Carson.

Carson with his friends plus my cousin Connor, brother Parker, Pearson, and Olivia. My grandma wasn't going to make it to his other party, so she came to this one.
This is the sweetest picture. Olivia loves her cousins Nicolle, and Grayson.
Thank you everyone who came and celebrated with Carson.

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