Weekend recap

***long post and picture overload 

We had somewhat of a busy weekend. Friday after school we stopped by Lolly's for a visit. 
Nonnie brought these glasses over for Carson. Olivia really liked them. I think she looks a little monster-ish in them.
Ryan went out on a friends boat, so I took the kids to cfa for dinner. 
Saturday morning Ryan had to work so we went to a Home Depot work shop. Read the post 
Saturday night we had dinner at razzoos. Olivia had to make sure Barbie was part of the family. 
After dinner we had family movie night. Carson said he was the movie director. He picked Stuart little 2 & hotel Transylvania.
Sunday Carson and I went to addys birthday party. I left Olivia home with Ryan. She's not scared of the water, so it's hard watching both kids at once around the pool.
C and addy were having trouble staying on the float. It was so cute watching them.
Addysons nana bought a little sno come maker. It was the perfect afternoon for a sno come. It was SO HOT!!!
Carson said he didn't want to hit Justin bieber in the face because their best friends. Ha!!

Thanks addy for inviting us to your swim party. 

After the party we took a quick trip to the lake. 

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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