Weekend recap

This weekend was low key & perfect. Friday after school the kids came home and played with the neighborhood kids like most days. I love having a 10 year old neighbor. She loooooves playing with Olivia. While they were playing I played with my new hair wand. 
I'm not good with fixing hair, but I'm trying. 
Saturday morning I got up and hit the gym for Extreme boot camp. I love my boot camp family, we have fun sweatin' together. 
After boot camp Ryan & C went shopping for new dirt bike gear, so we met up with Autumn Bottom for some pampering. 
We did some shopping after our pedicures. She didn't like this dress so she was mad I had her try it on. She's definitely my daughter. In the end she got her way and got a different dress and shoes. 
We had a late breakfast so popcorn for lunch it was. 
After we got home from our four hour long shopping adventures we headed to Razzoos for some rat toes, & stuffed shrimp. Yum. 
Chasing bubbles after dinner before the storm hits. 
Our bubble machine is amazing. She got it for her birthday last year and I haven't been able to find another one. It would make a perfect gift for my nephews. 
Sunday we were extremely lazy. The kids were eating cinnamon rolls at 1 pm. Ha. Some days you just need to do nothing. 

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