A Texas Tradition

In Texas it's a must that you go take your picture with our state flower, the Bluebonnet.
We go to this hill in my in-laws neighborhood. This year I walked to the very back of the hill and found a good spot, with a little bit of shade.
 My mom always gets the best pictures with my kids. I'm so jealous.

 This was the only decent picture I got with Olivia. We may have to make a third trip to get a better one.
 My mom and little brother, Parker.
 He's so excited that he's finally my height, that's not really something to be proud about.
 This diva. She is the spunkiest little girl ever.
 I want her to stay this age forever.
 My boy is growing up too fast. He's already almost in the 2nd grade. Where has this year gone?
 I love these two more than anything. So lucky I get to be their momma.
 This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Carson.
 She adores her big brother. Carson is patient, and kind with her.

 My little performer.
Maybe one year I will be able to drag Ryan along with us to get a picture together.

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