Saturday night

Since this was our last night here we went back out before dinner. 
Nicolle just loved being around Olivia. I enjoyed the little break it gave me.
                     Ryan, and I.
Charlie had this idea of getting all the guys up on different skis behind one boat. And they made it happen. Drew was on the wake skate, cook was on two skis, Charlie slalom, Jimmy on the knee board, and Ryan on the wake board. I have to say it was pretty fun and they did great. Only took about two tries. While they were playing around we hung out on our boat and let the kids swim some more. 
On our way back in Ryan and I wake boarded one last time.
We went back in, showered, and started getting dinner together. We made chicken and beef fajitas with homemade hot sauce, pico de gallo, guacamole, peppers, and chips. Another fantastic meal without pics. I was in our room straightening up and pre packing when Ryan came to me to take a picture of Drew and the kids.
Is this not the sweetest picture ever?

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